Bye, Dull Skin !

This range is full of natural Vitamin C, kesar and turmeric helps restore kid’s natural skin tone and adds back a natural glow

our bestsellers at the best prices

effective skincare, without the nasties

a saffron sunscreen
a reetha shampoo
a chamomile whipped soap
a beetroot lip tint
a wintergreen hair oil

here's why we came together.

  1. We’re fond of the Earth.
  2. We LOVE our hair & skin.
  3. We LOVE grandmas and their recipes.
  4. We’re fans of the oceans.
  5. Fish and tortoises wrapped in plastic seems wrong.
  6. We love kids. Some of us have them.
  7. Micro-plastics is a no no
  8. We like green. Not greenwashing.
  9. We love plastic if it's made from other plastic.
  10. We like lists.