introducing the new animals (pun intended!) called kids.

When Aishvarya's son came home like a grime bag after football, she knew she couldn't use baby products on him anymore.

When her daughter started getting ezcema at 5, she knew that a mild cream won't work. But steroid cortisol creams didn't sit well with her.

When she wanted to get them to start bathing independently, there were no products to make it fun.

When her daughter wanted to wear makeup at 7, she was terrified on chemicals and mica in the makeup.

and so tuco Intelligent was born.

a skincare range ONLY for kids, invented my moms.

  • a saffron sunscreen
  • a reetha shampoo
  • a turmeric &rosehip dull skin soap
  • a beetroot lip tint
  • a soap for independent bathing
  • a soothing lavender lotion

effective skin and hare care for kids, without the nasties.

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remember those effective kitchen ingredients? Well, they find their way into our products.

It started with a walk on a beach in Goa.

When Aishvarya was appalled at the ocean spitting out more plastic than waves. With 2 kids, she thought, "I can't be the only one who thinks this way!"

It took us 9 months to develop our patented 100% recycled Unbottle.

You'll see a proud 'This is an Unbottle' embossed on each and every bottle you buy.

Small actions, multiplied by a million people, make a real difference.

P.S Buying glass jars to save the Earth is great as a one-time exercise, but how sustainable is it in the long run?

The amount of fuel that goes into transporting glass jars is astronomical.

We want sustainability to be SUSTAINABLE for you. So that you repeat it.

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