it started with a walk on the beach in Goa.

When our founder saw the ocean spitting out more plastic than waves.

With 2 kids, she thought, she can't be the only one who thinks this way!

And that's how tuco Intelligent was born.

For intelligent parents, and intelligent kids. Who feel that they SHOULD not compromise.

1. Between natural and effective skincare

Made from super-botanicals, not chemicals, with products that are proven effective to fight skin concerns.

2. Between our body and our Earth

Our packaging is made from ocean reclaimed plastic. Every bottle you buy, you remove one from the ocean.

3. Between good skincare and your bank balance.

Our products are formulated with super-botanicals, which is both less expensive and more effective than imported chemicals.

no compromise.

making sustainable, sustainable

Buying expensive products in glass jars to save the Earth is great as a one-time exercise, but how sustainable is it to do in the long run?

Also - the amount of fuel and expense that goes into transporting and storing glass jars is astronomical.

We want sustainability to be sustainable for you. So that you can do it, again and again. Because doing it again and again makes the real difference.

We took 9 months to develop our patented 100% plastic unbottle. Its made from certified, pelletised ocean and landfill reclaimed plastic.

You'll see our proud 'This is an Unbottle' embossed on each and every bottle of ours. Make it yours, by adding it to cart!

Small actions, multiplied by a million people, make a real difference.