Why should you buy bath products especially made for kids?

Why should you buy bath products especially made for kids?

Your little one bathed in bubbles may be a cute scene to look at. But are you using bath products specially made for kids? You have to. Your baby's skin is too gentle to handle the ingredients used in adult products. Here's everything about skincare for kids and why buying bath products for children is essential.

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  • It’s tear-free
  • No harsh chemicals
  • Free of fragrance
  • Mild but effective natural ingredients
  • We have a skintelligent® option

It's tear-free 

We know how precious and happy bath time with your little one can be. Yet, no matter how careful you are, sometimes you can't prevent soap or shampoo from getting into their eyes. And then, there goes the blissful time! This is why you should go for tear-free products  to enjoy a happy time with your happy baby.

No harsh chemicals

Even an adult's skin gets irritated by some nasty chemicals. Imagine the effect on a baby's soft, delicate, and gentle skin! Skin products for children such as soaps, lotions and  body washes for kids must therefore be mild and free from harsh chemicals. If you are looking for gentle but effective cleansing, products made with natural ingredients for kids are the best bet. 

Free of fragrance

Most baby products smell good. But here's an interesting fact. Not all baby products that are scented have fragrances. Sometimes, natural ingredients for kids infuse a mild smell into the baby products. This is why looking at labels becomes important. Avoid bath products for children with fragrances and go for natural and gentle skincare for kids.

Mild but effective natural ingredients

The soft and supple skin of our little ones is what we struggle to protect. A product gone wrong can have terrible consequences for their skin. Always go for natural ingredients for kids, such as aloe vera and natural oils. They not only nourish their delicate skin, but also soothe and calm it.  

PS: Always do a patch test before trying out any product on your baby's skin. Even some natural ingredients can cause allergies on sensitive baby skin.

We have an intelligent® option

Getting genuine baby products that satisfy all the needs for babies can be difficult. With our skintelligent®  range of baby products, the search isn’t far. . At TheUnbottleCo, all baby products are proven to be safe to use on a kid's gentle skin. We have everything you need to care for your baby’s delicate skin. Try out our skintelligent®  range of kids’ products for their safe and effective skincare.

TuCo® Intelligent Mild Kids Shampoo

  • Hibiscus oil removes excess secretions and maintains scalp PH
  • Almond oil cleanses, strengthens, and promotes hair growth
  • Henna oil makes hair soft and shiny
  • Soap nut strengthens hair roots
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