Why choose organic shampoo over Chemical Ones

Why choose organic shampoo over Chemical Ones

Perks of Using an Organic Shampoo Over the Chemical One!

Everything is turning organic now, and shampoos are no exception. When we take so much time to take care of our body and what we consume as food, why not take care of our hair by using the right products?

Organic shampoos are safe to use and if you are wondering if they actually benefit the hair, then the answer is a double yes! They treat the hair with love and without a doubt, make your hair healthy and happy.

Are you the one of those who have sensitive scalps? Do you have dandruff or hair fall? Are there cysts under your hair? Say no more. All you need is an organic shampoo to wash your hair and leave the rest to it. 

Organic shampoos from trusted brands speed up the process of hair growth with no side effects. Since they do not contain any chemical preservatives, they are totally safe to use even for children. 

And in this article we will see the reasons why we need to go organic ASAP.


  • All about organic shampoos
  • What are the ingredients in an organic shampoo?
  • Benefits of using organic shampoo
  • How do we select organic shampoo
  • Hairtelligent® recommendation of shampoos from UnbottleCo

Go Organic: All About Organic Shampoos

What are organic shampoos exactly?

Natural organic shampoos or chemical-free shampoos are those that contain only natural ingredients in their product. It is safe from all those toxic chemicals that damage our hair.

They are generally made of natural ingredients that come from plants that are grown without the use of pesticides. These are usually infused with natural oil, herbs and fruit extracts and minerals. 

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There is a long list of benefits you can get from using an organic shampoo. Its prime purpose is to protect the hair and provide nourishment for its healthy growth. 

What it does not do is damage the hair and increase the rate of hair fall.

What to look for in organic shampoos?

Look for products which contain:

  • tea tree oil
  • coconut oil
  • olive oil
  • shea butter
  • natural fruit extracts

And if they claim to be organic but have hidden ingredients whose names you cannot spell, then run!

The frequency of using an organic shampoo or any kind of shampoo for that matter, depends on your hair type. Avoid using shampoos on a daily basis as they tend to dry your scalp. Do not use it for more than 3-4 days in a week!

But the real question is why organic shampoos?

How Is Organic Shampoo Our Hair’s Best Friend?

Thanks to organic shampoos, our hair does not suffer long-term hair problems to fight hair conditions. All you need to do is buy an organic shampoo and let it do the magic.

Does not strip off moisture

Pure organic shampoo does not strip away our hair’s natural moisture content. This is unlike those usual, chemical shampoos that tend to dry out our scalp and make it look frizzy.

Organic shampoos can’t do this as they have no chemical preservatives. Next time you don’t have to worry about using a conditioner as the organic shampoo does the job for you.

Zero chemicals

What can be better than using a product that has zero harmful chemicals in it? Organic shampoos are exactly that. Since this is a question of hair care, the safest option free of chemicals will be the best choice for the hair.

Goodbye irritation and damage to hair and skin. No more worrying about shampoo getting in your eyes.

An organic shampoo should be free of these ingredients to be called organic.

  • Parabens 
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate 
  • Propylene Glycol 
  • Acid Amide or CA-24

These ingredients are extremely dangerous to our hair and can cause long-term ill effects that will become irreversible.

Your natural pH balance is kept intact

Organic shampoos do not disturb your pH balance in your scalp. When you switch over to organic, you need not worry, because it won’t interfere with your scalp’s natural alkaline level. 

However, chemical shampoos usually throw your pH balance off and can affect your hair terribly.

No side-effects

Going all natural is the best option for keeping our body healthy. Even when it comes to food, why do people stress on having more natural available foods than man made foods? The reason is that it does not harm your body.

Similarly, with organic shampoo in hand, you need not be afraid of any side effects. They only contain plant and herb extracts which do not cause any irritation to our hair and skin. In fact, they promote our hair growth, and are even eco-friendly.

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All goodness in a bottle  

Natural organic shampoo only contains good ingredients that benefit our hair growth. They have magical effects which are best suited for our hair. 

Tea tree oil, for instance, has antiseptic properties that can treat a number of hair problems and even reduce dandruff. Coconut oil and aloe vera gel present in these shampoos often promote hair growth and hydration. Beta glucan, on the other hand, soothes scalp irritation. Shea butter enhances the natural color of the hair and keeps it shiny.

How Do We Choose Organic Shampoos?

When you buy an organic shampoo, keep these things in mind. Firstly, look for the ingredients. If the shampoo has any one of these ingredients such as tree oil, shea butter, coconut oil or beta glucan, it is a good option to consider. 

Secondly, before choosing the product, decide your hair type. See if your hair is dry, oily, or a mix of both. If you are aware of your hair type, then it is easier to choose the product for you.

Thirdly, steer clear of all the bad guys that damage our hair. This means no sulfates and parabens. 

There are so many good options available in the market to choose from. Personally, my favorite is the organic shampoo range from UnbottleCo, which follow a hairtelligent® approach to treating hair conditions. 

Mild Herbal Shampoo for Improved Hair Growth

Enriched with key actives like Henna,Bhringraj,Neem & Methi!

  • Neel (indigo) retains hair blackness
  • Bhringraj repairs damage and reduces hair fall
  • Henna promotes hair growth and reduces premature graying. 
  • It also prevents hair thinning
  • Neem and Methi treat flaky scalp and control dandruff

Mild Herbal Conditioner for Improved Hair Growth 

It is enriched with key actives such as coconut oil, aloe vera  and cocoa butter! 

  • Coconut oil promotes hair growth and removes frizz
  • Aloe vera keeps hair soft and controls dandruff
  • Cocoa butter locks in moisture and softens hair

Neelibhringadi Herbal Hair Oil for Dandruff Control 

Enriched with key actives like Indigo,Bhringraj, Karnasphota  

  • Indigo promotes hair growth and prevents premature graying
  • Bhringaraj treats flaky scalp and controls dandruff
  • Karnasphota prevents hair fall and balding

Neelibhringadi Infused Hair Serum for Silky Soft Hair

It is filled with key actives like Neelibringadi ,Wheat germ oil, Jojoba oil and Safflower oil

  • Neelibringadi promotes hair growth and prevents premature graying
  • Wheat germ oil repairs damage with deep conditioning 
  • Jojoba oil improves hair thickness and strength
  • Safflower oil  prevents hair fall.


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