Top Summer Skincare Tips for Babies You Should Not Miss!

Top Summer Skincare Tips for Babies You Should Not Miss!

Summer is almost here and so is the planning for vacation time. Amidst all this excitement, we almost forget about sun protection for both ourselves and our kids. Especially our babies!

Did you know babies require skincare much more than adults? Why? Because they have tender skin which is much thinner than that of the adults. Prolonged exposure to the sun can cause skin problems to their sensitive skin. To avoid this, we can create sun protection for our babies. The best part is that it is very simple and hardly takes any time. After all, it is better to be safe than sorry, right?

Summer time is generally a happy time for both parents and kids. But it is also the time of harsh and dry weather, which can irritate babies and spoil your vacay. No matter what you do, it seems nearly impossible to escape the scorching heat.

With heat comes skin problems, including sunburn, rashes and dry skin. That is why it is important to keep babies protected from the sun while enjoying the holidays.

Read further to know the summer skincare we can adopt for our babies.


  • Why is the sun bad for our babies?
  • Summer skincare tips for children
  • TuCo MadeForKids® range from UnbottleCo

First, let us look into why the sun is bad for children.

Is the Sun Bad for Our Babies?

Since the baby’s skin is five times more sensitive than an adult’s, it tends to lose moisture easily. This is why they face the brunt of summer more than we do. Long exposure to the sun can cause skin allergies for babies and make their skin dry up. 

Babies also have tender and underdeveloped skin. Their body lacks the ability to regulate body temperature. That is why  babies sweat profusely, which leads to skin breakouts and heat rashes (all thanks to clogged sweat glands). 

These tiny bumps around the skin folds can make the poor babies grumpy and uncomfortable.  

Doctors advise that babies less than six months old should be kept out of direct sunlight. Their skin contains too little melanin, which is the pigment that gives skin, hair and eyes their color, and protects it from the sun. Due to lack of melanin, the risks of skin disorders are high for babies. 

That is why we need to take some precautions when it comes to skincare for babies in summer.

Summer Skincare Tips for Children

Bathe them properly

As a part of the summer skincare routine, regular bathing of babies is a must. Always use a gentle soap while bathing babies,  as they tend to have extremely sensitive skin. While choosing the soap, make sure it is mild, fragrance-free and does not contain any harsh chemicals such as sulfates and parabens. The soap should not leave the skin dry after bathing, and should be able to nourish and protect the baby’s skin. 

Try to bathe the baby at the same time everyday for its body to adjust. A good bath is necessary to get rid of dirt, dust, sweat and grime from the baby’s body. 

Keep them cool and dry

Babies and toddlers tend to move around if given a chance. So it is important to keep them cool and dry. Wearing tight fitted clothes can make them uncomfortable, and make their skin sweat a lot. Excessive sweating leads to health problems such as cold and fever. To avoid these, it is better to always buy clothes that are one size bigger, so that the baby can move freely and comfortably. Also, do not layer them with too many clothes. As summers are already hot, we do not want their body to feel the extra heat, fdo we? Less layers mean less warmth, and more cool.

At night, make sure to clothe the baby in light, loose fabrics. Select dresses that are made of skin-friendly material such as pure cotton or hosiery cotton.

Hydration is the key

One of the most important summer skincare tips for babies is to keep them hydrated throughout the day. Babies cannot ask for water themselves, even if they are thirsty, so offer them water every few hours. Even toddlers or young kids face the same problem. As a parent, it is our responsibility to keep our kids hydrated. Since summer brings dry weather, and half the body water evaporates as sweat, drinking water at regular intervals is the best way to replenish the nutrients in our body and beat the heat.

Along with the body, skin too tends to lose moisture. So pick up a good moisturizer for your kid. It should be mild and neither too creamy nor too runny. 

Use baby wipes 

As part of the kids summer skincare tips, use wet wipes to keep the baby fresh. Since the weather can be dusty and sweaty, it is advised to carry a pack of baby wipes with you while traveling. In case of situations where the baby cannot be bathed, these wipes come to the rescue. Go for wipes that do not contain alcohol as an ingredient. Glycerin wipes are the best for kids, as they keep them moisturized too. They can refresh and soothe the baby during the hot summer days (it is like a cheat bath!). 

Keep the baby covered

While stepping outside in the heat, make it a point to keep the child covered. Do not directly expose the child to the harmful rays of the sun. It is best to avoid stepping outside between 10am and 2pm, the peak summer hours, when maximum damage can be caused for both children and adults. If you have to step out during these hours, make sure to carry enough baby essentials, such as extra clothes, wipes, water bottle and baby lotion.

Sunscreen for kids

Summer skincare routine is incomplete without sunscreen. Yes, you heard it right! Sunscreens are available even for children. Re-apply the sunscreen every four hours to keep their skin moisturized and protected against the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. Look for sunscreens which contain zinc oxide or titanium dioxide, with a sun protection factor(SPF) of 30. Avoid sunscreens that contain parabens and benzophenones — and also the ones that are tinted or scented. 

Remember, keeping the baby comfortable is the first step toward summer skincare. Happy vacay!

If you are looking for organic and baby friendly products, check our UnbottleCo website for the MadeForKids® range for babies, which are free from sulfates and parabens.

TuCo MadeForKids Shampoo Proven Safe with Hibiscus Oil, Henna Oil, Soap Nut and Almond Oil 

Hi! I’m Tuco MadeForKids®'s Proven Safe Kids Shampoo. Here are the botanical super-actives I have inside me.

  • Hibiscus Oil removes excess secretions and maintains scalp PH
  • Almond Oil cleanses, strengthens and promotes hair growth
  • Henna Oil makes hair soft and shiny
  • Soap Nut strengthens hair roots

I gently cleanse tiny baby hair without stripping it off its essential oils like regular shampoos.

Tuco MadeForKids Soap Proven Safe with Almond, Protein Milk and Virgin Coconut Oil for Kids Skin 

Hi! I’m Tuco Made For Kids Proven Safe Kids Soap. Here are the botanical super-actives I have inside of me.

  • Almond deeply hydrates the ‘little skins’ 
  • Milk protein relaxes the nervous system and muscles
  • Coconut oil gives deep nourishment and antibacterial protection from rashes

While I cleanse those little bodies thoroughly, I don’t make your kids’ skin dry! Actually I can’t, because I have no chemicals in me! Did I mention that I’m sulfate-, paraben- and phthalate-free?

TuCo MadeForKids Lotion Proven Safe with Almond, Rosemary Oil, Lily Oil 

Hi! I'm Tuco MadeForKids®'s Proven Safe Kids Lotion. Here are the botanical super-actives I have inside of me.

  • Aloe vera deeply moisturizes and stimulates skin
  • Almond oil evens out skin tone
  • Rosemary oil stimulates circulation, calming their senses
  • Lily oil acts has an anti inflammatory and anti microbial

I gently moisturize the little bodies and the natural oils ensure at least an eight-hour hydration!

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