Skincare routine for mature skin

Skincare routine for mature skin


They say with age comes maturity. It does! In the form of wisdom, empathy, fine wine… and fine lines and wrinkles around our eyes and our mouths.

You may think some people are truly blessed with that ever young face that age ever so gracefully without wrinkles and fine lines. Well, while genetics has a part in it, the truth is they start taking care of their skin way ahead (in their 20s!) making it look all natural and effortless. 

And this is why it is important to start pampering your skin for it to age like fine wine.

No wonder celebrities use anti aging tips and routines to maintain their skin in addition to using elaborate creams and surgeries but thankfully, in today’s day and age of information, that’s not really required. Super-botanicals, well formulated forms a solid skincare routine for older skin - and the right diet and supplementation, done consistently unlocks that (not so) secret fountain of youth. 

We’ll be sharing here - some easy to follow steps that do wonders for your skin in the long run -  not expensive procedures to take care of your skin , just some simple skincare routine for mature skin will do !

But first, what is skin aging, really? 

Its the mirror to our biological aging. Really! The age of a person’s skin reveals their biological age. With time, as we get older, our skin starts to look thinner, paler and less elastic, maybe even saggy. It’s the circle of life, so first off, let’s wear it proudly, shall we?  The evident features that appear on our faces with age are : wrinkles and fine lines.  

What causes it?

AGE .  Obviously

It’s a natural phenomenon that’s uncontrollable.The regeneration of skin cells slows down leading to a paler complexion, translucent skin, more dryness, less elastic…

In fact! from the age of 25 , Collagen production reduces. Which means the earlier we start our regimen, the better it will be for our older selves (they’ll thank you, trust us!)


Makeup is a mix of chemicals after all, so excess use of these make products on a daily basis might cause premature aging. Also we might feel lazy removing makeup before going to bed but that is such an essential step to not SKIP.

Improper removal of makeup clogs the pores on our skin also leaving layers of chemical residue on our face. Thus it is extremely important to use only mild makeup products that are usually non - comedogenic in nature. 


Who doesn't have stress ? Well, just like aging, stress has become an inevitable thing in our lives . Stress can be literally anything which causes discomfort to our mental health. Unfortunately, it has a direct effect on our skin  too !

The stress we are facing right now can be a major cause for aging faster later on in our lives so managing it becomes vital.Stress can cause breakouts and acne that also cause faster aging.

Practicing meditation and simply trying to look at things in a positive and light manner will automatically reduce stress.


Enjoy that fine wine once in a while, but continuous consumption of alcohol over a limit poses a threat to our health and also our skin . Alcohol consumption may cause inflammation and skin reddishness - and let’s not forget dryness

Poor diet

Even though junk foods are tasty they are a big no for our skin. After all, what we eat shows on our skin which means we should try avoiding or at least reducing intake of unhealthy foods that may trigger breakouts and pimples on our face.Instead try adding fruits and vegetables in your diet packed with antioxidants to prevent premature aging .

There are also other external factors like pollution , dust , and too much exposure to the sun which influence our skin’s age.

Are you now ready to dive into the remedies for Aging skin ?

There is nothing to worry about , a regular skincare routine for dry aging skin is more than sufficient( since many of the problems with aging come from dry skin).


Strip off that dirt, but not the oil!

Using a face cleanser or a good face wash helps keep the skin nourished and hydrated . Use a gentle preferably non - fragrant soaps or cleansers as they soothe the skin and not be harsh to it. Make it a habit to wash your face twice a day with normal water

(not hot water as it can wash off the mineral oils from your skin)

Cleanser helps nourish your skin and replenish the moisture, nutrients and natural oils which might have faded away due to aging.

Seriously, use that serum!

This is an HUGELY underrated step. Why? Because its concentrated! And penetrates the skin layer, treating the root cause of the problem, immediately. Adding serum to your routine is one of the best ways of targeting specific skin issues like wrinkles, blemishes, etc. Serums also help in reducing dark spots, fine lines and more. 

Concentrated botanicals that work wonders on mature skin are grapeseed (for dryness), saffron (for dullness), green tea (to release free radicals) and wheatgerm (for skin elasticity)

Added perks : protection from sunlight, dullness and acne.

Never underestimate that eye cream

Honestly it's never too early to start using an eye cream.

Eyes are the most sensitive part of our face, let’s pamper it! Under the eyes become dryer, quicker, so apply eye cream at night under your eyes . This slows down the under eye wrinkles , dark circles and any visible signs of aging.It also helps re plump our skin and reduce puffiness. 

Moisturised skin is happy skin

This is obvious, but even more so with mature skin. With aging , our skin tends to lose moisture and it becomes difficult to replenish natural oils that are essential for smooth skin. Using natural moisturisers (when we say that, we mean lotions which are made from the base of natural oils, either olive, or coconut, or any other) helps immensely and here’s why. Natural lotions act as humectants, which means that they naturally stimulate your natural oils to keep rehydrating, which is what you need to keep skin moisturised for longer. 

Look for the same super-botanicals we talked of earlier, add olive oil, coconut, glycerin and natural hyaluronic acid when you do that ingredient - botanical check.

Have you heard of facial oils?

Since our skin slowly gets deprived of natural replenishment of essential oils, we must seek Facial oils to do the job for us .

Apart from regeneration of dead skin cells , it also aids in giving protection against harmful UV rays of sun , lock moisture. 

Use a lightweight , non - greasy oil for best results.

Now that we have seen the anti-aging steps  for mature skin care tips , let's explore the products for the same.

On that note, let’s get skintelligent with mature skin

Skintelligent products are a combination of natural super-botanicals which are proven to fight skin conditions like mature skin, acne, dryness and dullness.

Dry Skin Day & Night Serum Routine

A gentle , natural serum enriched with turmeric , rosewater, rosehip oil, lemon etc to brighten and even out skin tone.

This is a combo of Age defence Serum and Skin brightening Serum

Age defence Serum - helps  skin elasticity  and flexibility also reduces wrinkles and scars pigmentation while 

Soothing  skin and  protecting  from external irritants

Skin brightening Serum - helps exfoliate and brighten skin, provides powerful antioxidants to eliminate free radicals and boosts skin brightening.

Deep hydration Face Cleanser

Comes in  a 100 ml bottle of magic that helps hydrate your skin and reduces inflammation. Reduces Dark spots and inflammation of skin and keeps skin hydrated for a long time and helps skin  elasticity and  lightens dark  spots. It also helps correct skin tone and helps skin brightening.

Age Defence Face Serum Lotion 

A combo 0f serum and lotion , it preserves moisture and helps build collagen synthesis for bright looking skin. 

  • The lotion helps relieve inflammation and tightens pores.
  • It also exfoliates the skin providing brightness.

The grapeseed , turmeric, and saffron oil are some of the key ingredients used which are antioxidants that slow the process of aging.


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