Neem Soap Benefits & Uses For Skin

Neem Soap Benefits & Uses For Skin

Neem Soap For Skin Problems: Does That Work?

They say when modern medicine doesn’t work, go Ayurvedic! With homemade and natural ingredients taking over skincare regimens, neem is gaining popularity..again!

Remember our ancestors using neem leaves for almost everything they do? Right from toothpastes to shampoos and soaps, the list goes on. 

Why is neem considered so essential? Simply because, neem leaves are packed with antioxidant properties that are a solution to many of our skin problems today. They are known for their medicinal compounds, which provide many benefits to the skin. 

You might know that neem leaves are the warrier against several health problems, diseases — and even fights low immunity — but did you know neem soaps are perfect to cure your skin concerns? 

Neem soaps are truly underrated. They literally hydrate the skin and even purify the blood, so say goodbye to acne and pigmentation!

In this blog, we will cover the benefits of a neem soap and its uses.

    What is the buzz around neem soaps?
  • Benefits of using neem soap
  • How to make DIY face packs with neem leaves
  • Precautions while using neem oil

Well, firstly what is this neem soap?

Neem Soap: What Is It All About?

Neem soaps are one of India's most popular health items for the skin. It clears acne, pimples and also detoxifies skin cells of pollutants. 

Why neem? Neem is known for its antibacterial and antifungal properties. So both bacteria and fungi, which are responsible for the formation of acne and pimples, can be treated by including neem soap for the skin in your daily routine.

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Neem soap for the skin is a body-cleansing and purifying soap. It contains all the goodness of neem leaves and neem oil extracts. In addition to this, the soap is made of natural medicinal compounds including Nimbinen, Nimbolide, and Nimandial.

It has been renowned for its medicinal properties for ages now. Did you know the origin of neem dates back to ancient India when Ayurveda was discovered by our great ancestors? The scientific name for neem is the Latin name ‘Azadirachta Indica’ and the tree often grows to a height of 65 to 115 feet. The tree is also a primary source of mahogany wood!

When we include neem soap in our skincare regimen, there are so many benefits our skin gets. Neem soap promotes clear complexion free of acne, pimples and also gets rid of dirt particles, and other toxins on the skin. 

If used regularly, it soothes and even cures dry and sensitive skin, thanks to its antibacterial power! 

PS: you can even make a DIY homemade neem soap with aloe vera gel and turmeric — and see the difference for yourself.  

Since neem soaps are antibacterial, antifungal and antimicrobial (and all the good things possible), it has a long list of benefits for the skin. 

Let us look at why people love neem soaps.

Why Is Neem Soap Just The One For You?

Goodbye acne, pimples

One of the main benefits of a neem soap for our skin is its magic antibacterial and antimicrobial properties that fights acne and pimple related problems. 

When we apply neem soap or cleanser on our face, it immediately acts upon it and removes any bacteria in the clogged pores and drains acne. If you have oily skin or are prone to acne, then neem soap is the best option for you.

Blood is purified

Did you know using a neem soap purifies the blood along with the skin? It has the unique benefit of purifying blood and increasing blood circulation. It is also known for increasing collagen production - indirectly promoting anti aging.  

Quenches skin’s thirst

One of the reasons for using a neem soap, especially if you have a dehydrated skin, is to replenish the water content in the skin. Neem does its magic by hydrating the skin. This means that there are no more dark circles, pigmentation and rough patches. 

Unlike a lot of chemical-based products which strip off the skin’s natural oils, neem soap moisturizes the skin and keeps it plump and soft. It is also enriched with Vitamin E and natural fatty acids that aid in recovery of dry skin.

Makes you look younger

Many people use and love neem soap for helping their skin look younger and fresh. It contains antioxidants and vitamins such as Vitamin C that boost collagen production, thereby reducing wrinkles, fine lines and other aging problems. 

It even goes to the length of protecting our skin against the UV rays of sun and pollution. Cool, right?!

Evens skin tone

Neem soap battles a tough war with skin pigmentation, which usually never seems to go away. It is proven that neem soaps have medicinal properties which can help remove these dark patches, inflammation and blemishes on the skin.

Pro tip: along with this, try avoiding exposing the skin under the sun for a long time as it can produce too much melanin.

Reduces rashes and skin infections

The benefits of neem soap do not stop at only giving a clear skin. It also treats skin infections, rashes and allergies! All thanks to its antiviral properties that soothe the skin and keep infections at bay.

No more scars and wounds 

Neem soap leaves no stone unturned. If you happen to have scars or wounds on your body, then the best way to treat them is by using a neem soap. This is because it's loaded with antiseptic compounds. It also promotes faster healing.

Enemy of blackheads and whiteheads

It’s time to say goodbye to our long-lasting unwanted guests, AKA blackheads and whiteheads. Neem soap does the job for us. It acts as an exfoliator to the skin and removes impurities and also tightens pores. 

You can use neem leaves in the form of a paste, powder, soaps or even shampoos.

DIY face packs: Neem edition

There are a few exciting DIY face packs you can try — and that too, with kitchen ingredients.!

For dark spots- if you have dark spots on the skin, create a neem-based face pack by making a paste out of neem leaves and yogurt. Keep it on for 20 minutes and rinse it off. 

For dry skin - if you experience flaky, dry patches on your face, then this pack is for you. Make a neem paste with turmeric and coconut oil. Wash it after a few minutes and use a moisturizer. 

For dull skin - do you want to achieve glowing skin? Then apply this face pack twice a week. All you have to do is mix and blend  basil and neem leaves to form a paste. Then add half a cup of multani mitti and one spoon of honey.Mix well and put it on!

Before you start your routine with neem, there are some things to look out for.

Precautions while using neem oil

      • use only cold pressed, natural neem oil (yellowish and cloudy)
      • always do a patch test on your skin to see if it is suitable
      • neem soap is a good alternative for neem oil if you want a milder version 
      • in case of several skin infections such as rashes, hives etc, discontinue using neem oil and consult a doctor for the same

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Confused about which brand to choose? UnbottleCo has you covered. It has a range of handmade soaps proven to moisturize the skin and treat skin problems.

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To treat:

      • Calendula oil, which has antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties for soothing eczema
      • Jojoba oil, promotes collagen synthesis and controls sebum production

To prevent recurrence: 

      • Chamomile acts as a powerful antioxidant which eliminates free radicals
      • Neem oil, which naturally stimulates collagen production, treats acne and heals wounds

Deep Hydration Handmade Soap Proven To Fight Dry Skin With Lactic Acid & AHA 

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To treat:

      • Lactic acid is a natural AHA which helps skin elasticity and lightens dark spots
      • Sodium hyaluronate has the magical duality to moisturize skin and reduce inflammation

To prevent recurrence:

      • Arginine PCA captures skin moisture and keeps it hydrated all day long
      • Alpha-arbutin brightens skin tone and heals skin damage
      • Tocopherol is a fantastic antioxidant to detox skin

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To treat:

      • Kakadu plum, rich in Vitamin C, boosts skin brightening
      • Curcumin from turmeric acts as a powerful antioxidant to eliminate free radicals

To prevent recurrence:

      • Rosehip oil exfoliates and brightens skin
      • Witch hazel relieves inflammation and tightens pores


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