Natural, Organic Or Clean. Choose Your Skin Warrior Carefully!

Natural, Organic Or Clean. Choose Your Skin Warrior Carefully!

So what's the difference between natural, organic, and clean skincare anyways? Trust me, they are NOT synonymous ! 

But is there a difference is the real question. 

In the English language they may be used interchangeably, but in the skincare language they are TOTALLY DIFFERENT !

If you are new to skincare you should definitely know what type of skincare you should buy, before using them. With several products in the market, it can be a big time confusion selecting the right one for your skin type! And that is why, Knowing which is right for your skin becomes IMPORTANT!

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  • Natural skincare: everything you need to know
  • But why use natural products ?
  • Organic skincare: Your skin deserves the best
  • Benefits of organic skincare
  • What is clean skincare all about ?
  • Difference between natural, organic and clean skincare products
  • Some Tuco Intelligent recommendations

The au naturel way 

Let's dive into the topic of natural skincare. What does it exactly mean? Well, natural skincare means something that is derived directly from nature. Anything from water to plants based ingredients all readily available from mother nature comes under this umbrella. Thus, natural skincare products are products that are free from synthetic fragrances, dyes, sulphates and parabens too. 

These natural skin care products from good brands are golden tickets to skincare! 

To simply put, natural skin care products are derived from materials found in nature. 

Example: Honey, curd, plant based ingredients.

While looking for a natural product, try checking the ingredients list from highest to lowest percentage. Usually the prominent  ingredients are ranked first. So for a natural skin care product, you won’t want the synthetics in the first row!

But Why Au Naturel?

 It’s non-comedogenic.

Natural products are non-comedogenic. But what does this big term mean? Simply put, these products have ingredients that help us avoid any blockage of pores or acne on our skin. Isn't it wonderful news? People with acne prone or oily skin are recommended to use non-comedogenic products.

These non-comedogenic oils present in natural products keep the dry skin supple and oily skin acne free! Some of them are sunflower oil, grapeseed oil, almond seed oil and many more!

Organic skincare, just like your food 

Everything ‘organic’ sells today and marketers are misleading customers with this term! All natural is not equal to organic.

So what is Organic skin care in the real sense?

It strictly means products that are regulated and created WITHOUT using any kind of pesticides, chemicals or artificial fertilisers and it is non-GMO. At least 95% natural or skin friendly ingredients is their benchmark! But all of this applies only for organic products that have proper certification . So organic products avoid any use of chemicals like sulphates and parabens!

But is there a difference between natural and organic? 

Both terms are used interchangeably. 

In fact, natural skin care products may be derived from nature, but they might not be free of chemicals. On the other hand, organic skin care products are fully chemical free. Thus it is safe to say organic ones have 95-100% chemical free matter, whereas natural ones have maybe 60-70% chemical free content. We can say that organic products have natural ingredients but follow stricter regulations!

But, hey the blog is incomplete without clean skincare!

Clean beauty - The newest skincare rage

Clean skincare is a new term in the market, It is basically a non-toxic skincare which is again not strictly regulated. 

Unlike organic or natural skin care products, the clean ones do not shy away from admitting the use of minimal synthetics. 

They are true to their word and believe in providing a good mix of natural and  harmless super botanicals.

Clean skin care products are created essentially to focus on what not to be present in the product unlike natural ones which aim at what is in the product. So, when you read a label on a clean skin care product , just know that they usually have a long list of ‘FREE FROM'; eg: free from harmful chemicals like sulphates and parabens!

Clean products can either be safe cosmetics or products that do not use toxins. Now that we know the difference, a question may arise as to which is better to use. There is no exact answer to this! To be safe from harmful chemicals in these products, try reading the label on the package and research before you shop. 

Pro tip: always patch tests before using a new product. 

And if you are still confused about a good skin product to start with, then let me help you think in a skintelligent way !

Tuco Intelligent provides a range of skincare products that are free from harsh chemicals including sulphates and parabens . 

Also the very motto is 


This clearly means that the products are skin, earth and animal friendly ! Isn't it fantastic?!

Some of their Ayurvedic products include: 

Enriching Kumkumadi Tailam for Natural Skin Glow

This gentle face oil prevents acne, evens skin tone and gives skin natural glow with ingredients like kumkuma, chandana, patanga and manjistha 

  • Kumkuma brightens complexion and reduces age spots
  • Chandana improves elasticity and promotes even tone
  • Patanga fights free radicals
  • Manjishta help detoxify skin

Day-Night Kumkumadi Serum Kit 100% Natural For Healthy Radiant Skin

This combo pack comprises of the below products:

Saffron Radiance Day Serum with Kumkumadi Infusion for Natural Glow and 

Saffron Revival Night Serum with Kumkumadi Infusion for Youthful Glow

The combo pack helps in brightening complexion and reducing age spots . Also gives protection against sun damage , deeply moisturizing the skin!

Organic Rose Water for PH Balance

Distilled from pure rose petals to help brighten skin and even tone

  • Gentle cleanser and toner
  • Unclogs and tightens pores
  • Promotes even skin tone 
  • Restores the PH balance of your skin

Next time you pick a product don't forget to check its label and read the ingredients as natural might not be all natural and synthetics might not be all bad! Hope the article helps!

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