Because love is in the hair!

Because love is in the hair!

Hair Care 101: Because love is in the hair!

How annoying it gets when we have a bad hair day, especially on a special occasion! It’s like our hair says” I am not going to  cooperate with you today.”

But it's never too late to have that ‘hair flip’ we all desperately need. Some good love for the hair is all it takes to turn it into our best friend.

Whether it's summer or winter, our hair is prone to getting damaged due to many external factors. So it is high time to take care of and protect our hair — and get healthy, beautiful hair in return. 

Wigs are a good alternative, no doubt, but the feeling of flaunting your natural, healthy hair is unmatched. Here are a few haircare hacks that will come to your rescue. It will surely make a difference in the way you look at your hair (You will start loving it). 


  • Do’s and Don'ts of hair care
  • 5 crazy hair hacks for that chic look
  • Hair care products from Unbottle range

Now let’s first look at what we should and shouldn’t dofor our hair before it's too late.

Hair or there…what you need to know!

There are certain unsaid rules that we must follow to have healthy hair — this will withstand any crazy hairstyle whatsoever. The key is to keep the roots strong. Over washing your hair or repeated styling, using heat, can severely damage the roots, making them weak.

When it comes to our skincare regimen we are ready to spend loads of money and time to keep it glowing. A harsh reality is that we forget to give the same level of love and importance to our hair!

Here’s a list of do’s and don’ts for your hair care regimen (for which your hair will thank you later).

Read the labels of your haircare products

This is a very important hair care tip, before you even start your hair care routine! Many times we tend to turn a blind eye towards the ingredient list.  But let me tell you, that’s the main villain here.

Those small block letters essentially decide whether the product is safe or not. Look out for words like sodium lauryl sulfate (a foaming agent that can dry your hair), and sodium chloride, which is used as a thickener. Sodium chloride, or table salt, should be in your food and not on your hair, as it dries the scalp.

Brush your problems away!

Detangling your hair is a tedious process (especially for my curly haired friends), but a right brush makes things a lot easier. It saves time, plus, reduces unnecessary hair fall. Believe it or not, there’s a hair brush unique for every hair type.

Curly or coiled hair: Use a wide-toothed comb so that you do not disrupt your natural curl pattern

Fine hair: Choose a soft brush with broad bristles. It will distribute your natural hair oils without tugging.

Thick hair: a nylon brush is the best option. Its flexible bristles will smooth your hair without adding unwanted volume. 

Stop overwashing your hair

This is a mistake a lot of us tend to make. There is no doubt that washing your hair keeps it clean. But on the flipside, doing it in excess can cause more harm than good to your hair! This is one of the easiest hair care tips we can follow to avoid damaging the hair’s scalp. 

Washing your hair twice a week is more than enough to keep it clean and free from dirt and sweat. Washing it more than this can strip off the hair’s natural biome, which acts as its protective layer. 

Look out for your scalp

Scalp health should not be neglected as it ultimately determines the health and well-being of your hair.  Unhealthy scalp means damaged locks. Dead skin cells that have built up, along with excess oil, will create havoc — causing greasy and brittle locks. While using hair hacks, make sure not to overload the scalp with too many products.

Pro tip: Massage your scalp regularly with a scalp scrub.

Let’s move on to some daily hair hacks you can follow to create a salon look at home! But remember, styling should be coupled with taking good care of your hair, and using heat protection whenever possible, to protect the scalp.

Everyday Hair Hacks

Sleek ponytail

Everyone loves the slick, straight ponytail that is simple but matches most looks! Smoothness is the key for these ponies, so a conditioner is a must, after washing your hair.

After shower, gently towel dry your hair and when dry, partition it in the center with a good tail comb. Blow dry your hair (though not often) and secure the base of the nape of with a silk scrunchie — and you are good to go!

Half-up half-down style (90’s edition)

Who said the nineties hairstyle was bad? In fact many people are still inspired and influenced by this era of style, and it is all coming back as trends today! Sleek looks for a fun night is all we want (just like Hailey Bieber), and this can be achieved through smooth hair.

All you have to do is part your hair horizontally from ear to ear, pull the lower half into a pony, and smooth the top half using a blow dryer. Repeat this for the other part too. Next, make a pony on the upper portion (crown of your head), following which, free the lower portion and smoothen it out for the final look. 

Top knot (beachy vibes)

This look is perfect for hanging out at the beach. The look gives a breezy and free personality look, which suits the hot summer weather. Since it is actually very easy, a lot of people prefer this look. 

This is also called the messy bun because you let out loose strands here and there (one hairstyle that need not be perfect and still looks good). All you have to do is cleanse and nourish your hair with jojoba oil to revive the moisture. Following this, damp your hair with heat protector spray and blow dry. Section the top half of your hair in a loose bun and twist the bottom half and wrap around the bun. You can secure it with bobby pins to stay in place.

Loose braids

A recommended look for your traditional wear! A loose braid can never go wrong. Further, braiding your hair frequently — especially before sleep — helps your hair grow longer, and reduces hair fall since you detangle your hair in the process.

For this, first comb your hair from top to bottom slowly, and detangle it. Next, take sections of your hair and scrunch them, working from the ends till the scalp. Then, slowly create a loose braid in the lower section, leaving strands of hair out. Secure the braid with bobby pins, and now, your perfectly imperfect look is ready!

Shaggy bob

Calling out all the curly girls! This hairstyle is a favorite of celebrities too. It’s just a mystery how they pull off such a messy hairstyle with full grace (well not a secret anymore!). Lightness and bouncy texture is the key to nail this look. 

Once you towel-dry your hair, make sure to squeeze out excess moisture, as we want to maintain natural curls. To avoid frizziness, end it with a diffuser and blow dry at a low heat. You can also use a curling thong to define your curls and let them fall on your face!

All these hacks depend on how you take care of your hair. Make sure to use organic products as much as possible, and a heat protecting spray to protect hair from damage. 

There’s a hairstyle tailored for every occasion, so do not shy away from experimenting with your beautiful hair! 

Here are some Tuco Intelligent® recommendations that gives a range of organic products for hair care. Some of them are:

Tuco Intelligent's Anti-Dandruff Conditioner proven to fight dandruff

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To Treat:

  • Activated charcoal aids scalp health
  • Wheat gram arrests dandruff.

To prevent recurrence:

  • Keratin makes hair stronger
  • Jojoba oil boosts hair volume

Hair Oil with Mint & Ginger for Healthy Hair Proven to fight kiddy hair concerns

This product has ingredients that are proven to fight hair fall — and that too, organically.

To treat

  • Mint helps in soothing the scalp
  • Wintergreen nourishes the scalp
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