Ingredient That Treats Stubborn Dark Spots

Ingredient That Treats Stubborn Dark Spots

Are you tired of fighting those stubborn dark spots? If yes, it's time to take some rest. Use these topical ingredients that treat acne and acne scars. Don't let those areas of discoloration take away your peace of mind. Try out these ingredients for acne scars treatment and dark spots.

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  • Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate
  • Trichloroacetic acid
  • Retinoids
  • Hydroquinone
  • Tranexamic acid
  • Arbutin
  • Niacinamide
  • Licorice root
  • Here’s a natural spot treatment

Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate

Don't get scared by the name. Simply put, it is a stabilized form of Vitamin C that can be dissolved in oil-based products. And this feature helps it penetrate the skin better than other forms of Vitamin C. You may be wondering how it helps in dark spot treatment. It prevents free radical damage that causes dark spots.

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Trichloroacetic acid

Have you heard of dark spot peels that help you remove layers of the skin? Trichloroacetic acid is one such powerful substance that helps in the exfoliation of skin layers. The stronger the concentration of the peel, the more layers you will remove. But concentrations of 40%+ need in-office treatments. So look for lower concentration if you plan to try out this acne scars treatment.


If you are a skincare freak, you won't miss out on this magical ingredient called retinoids. From dermatologists to beauty influencers, this is a name that pops up on the list of must-use ingredients. The benefits it offers are vast ー from fewer fine lines to improved firmness. But did you know retinoids can also remove dead skin cells, increase cell turnover and promote formation of new skin cells? And this is how it helps in removing those stubborn dark spots.

PS: Retinoids are notorious for causing skin irritations. So start with lower concentrations and always do a patch test before trying it out.


The best way to get rid of those stubborn dark spots is by using skin care products with skin-lightening ingredients. One such sought-after ingredient is hydroquinone. This is powerful enough to interfere with the excess melanin production of the melanocyte (one of the main reasons for dark spots). But wait! Here's something you need to know about hydroquinone. Do not use hydroquinone if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. And this is not available without a prescription.

Tranexamic acid

Want something just like hydroquinone but safer to use while pregnant or breastfeeding? Then tranexamic acid is the best option for you. Just like hydroquinone, it interferes with excess melanin production. And the result? An even-toned skin free of acne scars or dark spots. But that's not all. You can even use it with other powerful ingredients like Vitamin C and retinoids for improved effectiveness.


Tired of all those chemical-based actives? Relax! We have plant-based solutions as well. Arbutin is extracted directly from the bearberry plant and works just like hydroquinone. Yes, Arbutin too slows down the excess melanin production when applied to the skin. So look for acne treatment products with this natural ingredient and save your skin from the risk of irritations and rashes.


How can we describe this magical ingredient in a few words? ‘An all-rounder in the skincare regimen’. Being a powerful antioxidant, it will help you in acne scars treatment and give you a healthy radiant skin. And there's more to cheer! It's also proven to boost the skin's moisture, thus giving you supple and smooth skin. Combine it with licorice root, retinol, and arbutin for faster and better results. 

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Licorice root

Are you someone who loves sustainable clean natural skincare? Then, without a second thought, go for this natural ingredient. The usage of licorice root in skincare has its roots in Chinese medicine. It works by stopping excess melanin production and thus prevents dark spot formation. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, even sensitive skin can use it without fear of skin rashes or irritations.

Here’s a natural spot treatment

You don’t always need chemicals to treat acne and acne scars. Why should you expose your skin to all those chemical-based actives when you have ‘active botanicals’ without chemical side effects? You may be wondering if it’s as effective as chemical-based products. This is something you need to know. Natural skincare is more effective. Remember your grandma’s remedies never disappointed you? So, switch to natural skincare and be a part of TheUnbottleCo. Try out this skintelligent® range of 100% natural products from TheUnbottle fam. and experience the goodness of nature yourself.

Skin Brightening Handmade Soap Dermat Proven To Even Out Skin Tone With Kakadu Plum & Rosehip 100g

 To treat:

  • Kakadu plum, rich in Vitamin C, boosts skin brightening
  • Curcumin from turmeric acts as a powerful antioxidant to eliminate free radicals

To prevent recurrence:

  • Rosehip oil exfoliates and brightens skin
  • Witch hazel relieves inflammation and tightens pores. 

Skin Brightening Face Cleanser Proven To Even Out With Kakadu Plum & Licorice Root 

To treat:

  • Kakadu plum, rich in Vitamin C, boosts skin brightening
  • Licorice Root is proven to reverse hyperpigmentation

To prevent recurrence:

  • Lactic acid, a natural AHA, helps skin elasticity and lightens dark spots
  • Arginine PCA is a natural amino acid that captures skin moisture and keeps it hydrated all day long 

Skin Brightening Body Lotion Proven To Even Out Skin Tone With Kojic Acid & Almond Oil 

To treat:

  • Kojic acid treats skin conditions like sun damage, scars, and age spots
  • Kakadu plum, rich in Vitamin C, boosts skin brightening

To prevent recurrence:

  • Saffron evens and brightens skin tone
  • Natural butter such as cocoa, shea, and mango reduces wrinkles and deeply hydrates skin

Saffron Radiance Day Serum with Kumkumadi Infusion for Natural Glow

  If you are looking for a gentle serum that could give you a natural glow, this is the right choice. It is enriched with key actives like kumkumadi tailam, aloe vera and Plant-based Vitamin E. Kumkumadi Tailam brightens complexion, reduces age spots, and protects from sun damage. Aloe vera deeply moisturizes and stimulates collagen levels. And this serum uses a plant-based Vitamin E that gently fades scars. 

Acne Clearing Serum Proven To Fight Acne & Dark Spots With Chamomile & Safflower 15ml

To treat:

  • Wintergreen-derived salicylic acid acts on acne and dries it out
  • Safflower seed, an antioxidant lightens acne scars

To prevent recurrence:

  • Chamomile acts as a powerful antioxidant to eliminate free radicals
  • Cherimoya fruit extract reduces the body’s oxidative stress

Acne Clearing Face Cleanser Proven To Fight Acne With Calendula & TeaTree Oil 100 ml

  To treat: 

  • Calendula oil has anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties for soothing eczema
  • Tea tree oil is a natural antibacterial that reduces acne-causing infection

To prevent recurrence:

  • Glycerin naturally prevents skin from drying out and helps to retain moisture
  • Castor oil naturally fights acne and is a natural cleanser

Acne-Clearing Body Lotion Proven To Fight Acne & Dark Spots With Almond Oil & Shea Butter 200ml

To treat: 

  • Almond oil, rich in fatty acids, is a proven body acne combatant
  • Wheat germ oil nourishes and replenishes dull skin

To prevent recurrence: 

  • Shea butter is an effective moisturizer that softens skin
  • Mango butter protects the skin against oxidative stress and sun damage
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