How to use a face serum for maximum benefits

How to use a face serum for maximum benefits

Do you use a face serum? Many of us do, owing to the visible results it offers in a really short period of time. But do you use it the right way? If not, there's a chance even the best face serum might not help you out. This is why knowing how to use a face serum for maximum benefits becomes important. But relax! We have got it all sorted out for you right here.

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  • Steps that you shouldn't compromise on!
  • Start with a gentle cleanser
  • Choose the right serum
  • Lock in the goodness with a moisturizer
  • Upgrade your face serum with these simple tips 
  • One-drop technique
  • Hand technique
  • Pat, pat, pat!

Steps That You Shouldn't Compromise On!

So are you ready to get fascinated by the face serum benefits? Follow these steps for glowing, healthy skin.

Start with a gentle cleanser

We all know this - proper cleansing is the key to a healthy skin routine. Use a gentle cleanser to clean your pores. Clean pores absorb anything you apply better. Not just serum, anything that you apply on your skin must be done only after cleansing. So start your skincare routine with a gentle cleanser of low pH to get the maximum face serum benefits.

Choose the right serum

There's no one serum that fits all. So you have to study the ingredients of the serum before applying it to your skin. If you want bright and young-looking skin, Vitamin C will be a good option. If smooth, supple, and moisturized skin is what you are looking for, then hyaluronic serums will do the magic. If you are having acne-prone skin, retinol serums could be your best friend. So, do your own research to know the use of a particular face serum, before deciding on the right serum for your skin type and concern.

Lock in the goodness with a moisturizer

After applying the right serum, it's important to seal its goodness with a moisturizer. But do not rush! Wait for 30 to 60 seconds and let your skin absorb the face serum completely. Now it's time to pamper it with a moisturizer. It will help the skin reap the maximum face serum benefits

Upgrade Your Face Serum with These Simple Tips 

Now you know the proper steps to follow while using a face serum. But what about some tips to upgrade it to the next level? Here, we have some techniques to increase the efficacy of the face serums. Come, let's take a look at it together!

One-drop technique

If you are using a light or thin serum, this technique will work the best. Place one drop on the cheek, chin, nose, and forehead. And gently massage, using your fingertips in a circular motion. 

Hand technique

If it's a thick serum, it's important to warm it up before applying it directly to your skin. So, take a few drops in your hand and rub it evenly on your palm. Then rub the serum onto your skin using gentle pressing movements.

Pat, pat, pat!

No matter how dense or thin the serum is, this step is important. Pat your skin for around 30 to 60 seconds after applying the serum. Use gentle circular pressing movements as this will help the serum penetrate the pores better. 

So face serum, unlike other products, has to be used in a particular way to make it do wonders for your skin. This is why knowing how to use a face serum is as important as knowing the uses of a face serum.

Choosing the right face serum becomes equally important if you want to see visible magical results. With so many brands out in the market, getting the right skincare product becomes even more difficult. But have you heard of sustainable clean skincare? If not, it's time to be part of TheUnbottleCo. fam to experience the goodness of nature rich with 'active botanicals'. Try out this skintelligent® range of products from TheUnbottleCo. and see the magic of nature unfolding itself.

Deep Hydration Serum For Dry Skin With Licorice Root & Turmeric 15ml

To treat: 

  • Lactic acid helps your skin to stay elastic, smooth and more flexible.
  • Sodium hyaluronate has the magical duality to moisturize skin and reduce inflammation

To prevent recurrence:

  • Squalene reduces the appearance of fine lines
  • Turmeric acts as a powerful antioxidant to eliminate free radicals

Age Defence Face Serum For Fine Lines & Wrinkles with Grapeseed Oil 15ml

To treat:

  • Grapeseed oil improves skin elasticity and flexibility
  • Witch hazel relieves inflammation and tightens pores

To prevent recurrence:

  • Rosehip oil exfoliates and brightens skin
  • Saffron oil boosts natural collagen to improve skin elasticity and also brightens skin

Acne Clearing Serum Proven To Fight Acne & Dark Spots With Chamomile & Safflower 15ml

To treat:

  • Wintergreen-derived salicylic acid acts on acne and dries it out
  • Safflower seed, an antioxidant lightens acne scars

To prevent recurrence:

  • Chamomile acts as a powerful antioxidant to eliminate free radicals
  • Cherimoya fruit extract reduces the body’s oxidative stress
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