How Should First-Time Mothers Shortlist Baby Care Products

How Should First-Time Mothers Shortlist Baby Care Products

Baby Friendly Ingredients In Skin Care Products

Did you know there is a skincare range for babies just like there is one for adults?

Thus, It is an unsaid rule to look into all the ingredients before you buy a skin care product. This rule holds good for even baby care products (yes, even if it is from the most popular brand)!

With too many brands coming up for babies, and the rising interest in baby skin care, it is important to choose the right one for our kids.  

It is understandable how baby skin care can be confusing. Especially since the skin of babies is much more sensitive and has to be protected from harmful ingredients at any cost.

This is why we have given a list of what to look for and what to avoid when it comes to baby care products.

Without further ado, let’s move into the topic.


  • Why do babies need skin care routine?
  • What ingredients to shortlist?
  • What ingredients to avoid?
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First, let’s start with what baby care is all about 

All About Baby Skin Care

It is no news that babies have extremely sensitive and delicate skin. It becomes our responsibility as parents to maintain the softness of their skin and keep it hydrated. 

Not only that, babies have much thinner skin than adults. This means that we have to take extra caution in protecting their skin against external irritants and sun damage as they might prove very harmful. They can leave the skin dry, itchy, red and irritated.

This is why we need a proper skin regimen for our babies. Why? It keeps the baby's skin moisturized, and provides nourishment. We should also be careful not to use any harmful products for our babies as they do more damage than good.

Next time you buy products for your baby, check for these following ingredients.

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What To Look For In Your Skin Care Products: Baby’s Edition

Shea butter

We all know how shea butter is truly a skin savior. It keeps the skin moisturized and smoothens the rough patches of skin. Shea butter is an excellent ingredient to add in your baby skincare, as it is best suited for baby’s skin due to its gentle cleansing property.

Extracted from the nut of the Shea tree, it is a wonderful ingredient loaded with fatty acids and Vitamins such as A,E and F. Hence it hydrates and protects the baby’s skin.

Aloe Vera

Next up in line is aloe vera. Aloe vera is a must have in any skin care product, especially if you have sensitive skin. Baby care products are no exception. Packed with essential vitamins and minerals, it is best suited for baby’s skin.

Aloe vera cools and soothes irritated skin. It also helps in calming the skin and keeps rashes at bay. It is famously known for being the gentle moisturizer for baby’s skin due to its gentle formula. 

PS: it can even be used topically on minor cuts, insect bites and burns.

Milk cream

From our grandmother's generation, milk cream AKA malai has been a natural moisturizing ingredient for our baby’s soft skin. It is now being used in many baby skin care products to treat dry, and flaky skin. 

Milk cream gently nourishes the skin and keeps it hydrated. It even treats skin conditions like eczema and heals skin irritation. Did you know many people use it to improve babies’ skin tone and reduce pigmentation?

Almond Oil

Although almond oil has been for a long time with us now, this ingredient is gaining recent popularity in the skincare world. It is made from the extracts of raw almonds which acts as a mild skin emollient. It is great for baby’s skin as it is packed with healthy fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidant properties that soothe and moisturize baby’s skin. 

Almond oil, when applied on the skin, provides a thin barrier on the epidermis (outer layer of skin) and protects the skin against harmful pollutants. It locks moisture content and keeps the baby’s skin glowing. In addition to this, almond oil can be applied on rash caused by diaper usage. It can be used for massaging from head to toe to give that smooth, hydrated skin for babies and even adults! This ingredient is thus a hard miss for your babies. 

Jojoba oil and jojoba butter

Pronounced ‘hohoba’, jojoba oil is derived from the seeds of jojoba plant. It is a common ingredient we see in baby care products today due to its myriad benefits.

Jojoba butter on the other hand, is a rich creamy mixture of jojoba oil and natural waxes. It is excellent for keeping baby’s skin moisturized and is commonly used in baby creams and lotions. This natural skin humectant seals in moisture and is quickly absorbed by the skin. Also it works as a natural skin barrier and improves skin elasticity. 

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What Ingredients To Avoid: Baby’s Edition

While you are looking at what ingredients help babies, there are some ingredients that are harmful to the skin, even for adults, let alone babies. Some of them include:


Ah. The infamous parabens are a must no in your baby care products. They are used in a variety of food and cosmetic products as preservatives. These chemicals are used in soaps and shampoos which have long term complications. Parabens can cause hormonal damage, skin irritation and metabolic imbalances. So it is best to avoid the exposure of this chemical for your babies in their early childhood.


Everyone loves a good smell, especially when it comes to babies as we think a good smell equals a clean baby. As a result there are many fragrances and flavors in baby products that are present in soaps and moisturizers. It is important to avoid them as they can cause irritation, allergies and even breathing problems.

Make sure your product doesn't have these words in their list:

  • fragrance
  • perfume
  • parfum
  • essential oil blend
  • aroma


Sulfates are literally present in almost every skin care product and are hard to avoid. This is when we should be careful to choose natural products that are gentle for the skin. Sulfates are a big no as they can cause temporary irritation or itching.

The most commonly used sulfates are:

  • sodium lauryl sulfate
  • sodium laureth sulfate

Synthetic dyes

Synthetic dyes and artificial colors can be harmful for the baby’s skin as they can cause allergies and disrupt the skin’s natural barrier. The good news is now they are strictly regulated by FDA and cosmetic and other products need certification and approval before using them. But not all of these additives are regulated. So we have to be careful especially with these which include: 

  • minerals
  • plants
  • animal sources

It is thus extremely important to know what goes in baby care products before using them for our babies. Since babies have sensitive skin, we should always do a patch test before introducing a new product to check if it is suitable for the baby. Also, along with looking at the ingredients lists, do see the reviews for these products as we don’t want to experiment right!

Go for organic products free of harmful chemicals. They are the best for babies as they have no side effects. Such is the MadeForKids® skincare range from UnbottleCo. They have products that are totally skin friendly and free from sulfates and parabens. Some of them are:

Tuco® Intelligent Unicorn Soap Proven Safe with Almond, Protein Milk and Virgin Coconut Oil for Kids Skin 

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  • Almond helps hydrates those little skins deeply
  • Milk protein relaxes the nervous system and muscles
  • Coconut oil gives deep nourishment, antibacterial protection from rashes

While I cleanse those little bodies thoroughly, I don’t make your kids’ skin dry! Actually I can’t, because I have no chemicals in me! Did I mention that I’m sulfate, paraben and phthalate free?

TuCo® Intelligent Everything Lotion Proven Safe with Almond, Rosemary Oil, Lily Oil 

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  • Aloe vera deeply moisturizes and stimulates skin
  • Almond oil helps even out skin tone
  • Rosemary oil stimulates circulation, calming down their senses
  • Lily oil acts has an anti inflammatory and anti microbial

I gently moisturize those little bodies and the natural oils ensure at least 8 hour hydration!


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