Say nay to acne with the right acne clearing serum

Say nay to acne with the right acne clearing serum

Is your acne scar as stubborn as you? For most of us it's more stubborn, isn't it? Those uninvited acne guests always leave an impression to trouble us for a long time. But gone are the days when those acne scars were the biggest nightmare. Now we have got the silver bullet to get rid of those stubborn acne scars ㅡ an acne-clearing serum. Are you wondering how these serums for acne scars work? We will help you with it. Here's everything you need to know about acne-clearing serums.

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  • But what really is an acne scar?
  • Acne-clearing serums to the rescue
    • Minimizes the breakouts
    • Fights the hyperpigmentation triggered by acne scars
    • Improves the appearance of acne-prone skin
    • Helps you peel those dead skin cells

    But what really is an acne scar?

    Did you know that troublesome acne can also damage your skin? To repair this damage, your body produces more collagen (a natural protein that gives structure to your skin). But this gets problematic if the collagen production is too little or too much. If too much, you will get a ‘raised scar’ (a bump on your skin) and if too little you will get a ‘depressed scar’ (a pit on your skin). There is an altogether different type of scar which is just like a raised scar but thicker than the original acne spot. This last type of scar can cause itchiness and pain. 

    PS: If you have inflammatory acne or have that constant temptation to pick or pop your acne, then you have a higher risk of getting acne scars.

    Acne-clearing serums to the rescue

    No matter how hard we try, there are times we can't resist the feeling to pop or pick that not-so-happy acne. And the result? The acne scars. But no worries. You have got acne serums. The acne-clearing serums will help you lighten those acne scars over time. Let's see how it does that.

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    Minimizes the breakouts

    The more acne, the more the chances of getting an acne scar. So why don't you start from the basics? Yes, it's time to fight those breakouts. A powerful scar-clearing ingredient, salicylic acid will help you with it. It will deep clean your pores and thus minimizes the chances of breakouts. With a serum for acne scars, you can reduce the breakouts and thus lessen the trouble of acne scars.

    Fights the hyperpigmentation triggered by acne scars

    Most of these acne serums contain niacinamide, the much-celebrated derivative of vitamin B3. You may know that niacinamide is known to fight premature aging. But did you know it can also lighten the appearance of scars? And there's more. It will also help to reduce the hyperpigmentation caused by these acne scars. Now you have got a good enough reason to choose your serum for acne scars, haven't you?

    Improves the appearance of acne-prone skin

    Got a depressed scar? Look for vitamin C-induced acne serums. This powerful antioxidant with its brightening properties will help you lighten those acne scars. And not just that. It will also improve the appearance of acne-related lesions on your face.

    Helps you peel those dead skin cells

    We know an uneven texture of skin is what results in a scar. Yes, either the skin is raised or depressed. This is when acne serums with lactic acid come to save your day. Lactic acid will peel the dead cells and give you smooth skin. And the result? Less appearance of acne scars! Get your pack of serum for acne scars now. And bid farewell to those troubling acne. 

    Now you know how an acne serum fights those acne and acne scars. So it's time to ease your acne skincare journey with acne-clearing serums. If you have made up your mind, then comes the hardest part - which is the best serum for acne? You may have heard of acne serums before. But have you heard of an acne-clearing serum that both treats and prevents recurrence? If not check out the acne-clearing serum from the skintelligent® range of TheUnbottleCo. This will not only help you clear those stubborn scars but also prevents further acne.

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    Acne Clearing Serum Proven To Fight Acne & Dark Spots With Chamomile & Safflower 15ml

    To treat:

    • Wintergreen-derived salicylic acid acts on acne and dries it out
    • Safflower seed, an antioxidant lightens acne scars

    To prevent recurrence:

    • Chamomile acts as a powerful antioxidant to eliminate free radicals
    • Cherimoya fruit extract reduces the body’s oxidative stress

    Acne Clearing Face Cleanser Proven To Fight Acne With Calendula & TeaTree Oil 100 ml

      To treat: 

    • Calendula oil has anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties for soothing eczema
    • Tea tree oil is a natural antibacterial which reduces acne-causing infection

    To prevent recurrence:

    • Glycerin naturally prevents skin from drying out and helps to retain moisture
    • Castor oil naturally fights acne and is a natural cleanser

    Acne-Clearing Body Lotion Proven To Fight Acne & Dark Spots With Almond Oil & Shea Butter 200ml

    To treat: 

    • Almond oil, rich in fatty acids, is a proven body acne combatant
    • Wheat germ oil nourishes and replenishes dull skin

    To prevent recurrence: 

    • Shea butter is an effective moisturiser that soften skin
    • Mango butter protects skin against oxidative stress and sun damage
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