Here's What Happens to Your Skin When You Switch to Natural Soap

Here's What Happens to Your Skin When You Switch to Natural Soap

A soap with a creamy texture that smells like cupcakes and vanilla, and which lathers well is something that we love to use. But here's something you need to know. Regular soaps have chemicals that may be nasty enough to adversely impact your health. Remember, your grandma's natural cleansing remedies were never creamy. Nor did they perfectly lather, but they were still effective. It's the same with natural soaps. With their natural ingredients, handmade soaps can benefit your skin in many ways. Read on to know the wonders organic soaps can do for your skin.

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  • No more irritated skin
  • Get soft and smooth skin
  • Say goodbye to dryness and inflammation
  • Naturally moisturized skin
  • Choosing natural is going skintelligent®

No more irritated skin

Are you getting tingling or burning sensations after using regular soap? Its chemical cocktail can be too much for your skin — it can not just irritate your skin, but can disrupt your hormones, or cause cancer too. Switching to a handmade soap relieves your skin and nourishes it naturally with organic ingredients.

Get soft and smooth skin

We often connect creaminess with effective cleansing. The truth is, neither  lather nor a creamy texture has anything to do with effectiveness. Regular soaps use chemicals to improve the feel of the product.  Natural soap does not have  a perfect creamy texture and it does not lather too much. Yet,  you can trust it with your skin for sure. Why not grab an organic soap when smooth and soft skin is what awaits you?

Say goodbye to dryness and inflammation

Does your regular soap leave your skin dry and tight? Does it cause red angry spots on your skin? The chemicals in regular soaps have  the potential to do this, and more. Why let your skin suffer when you have a better option of handmade soaps? These organic soaps use natural botanicals and natural oils to fight and soothe dry and irritated skin. Get the best organic soap and show your skin a little love.

Naturally moisturized skin

While regular soaps strip your skin of natural oils, natural soaps help your skin lock in moisture. With nourishing ingredients like shea butter and coconut oil, handmade soaps leave your skin hydrated and feeling fresh. Organic soaps may not look creamy or smooth but will certainly benefit your skin. For sure, organic bar soaps are a happy trade-off that your grandma would approve of.

Choosing natural is going skintelligent®

You might have heard of natural skincare and effective skincare. But have you seen them come together? That's what you experience at TheUnbottleCo. All our products are 100% natural, and proven to effectively fight skin concerns. Switch to our best natural soaps and enjoy the goodness of effective and natural skincare.

Age Defence Handmade Soap Proven to Fight Fine Lines & Wrinkles with Grapeseed Oil 100g
To treat:
  • Alpha-Arbutin is an antioxidant that reduces signs of aging
  • Grapeseed oil improves skin elasticity and flexibility.

To prevent recurrence:

  • Green tea prevents inflammation and premature aging
  • Saffron evens and brightens skin tone
Skin Brightening Handmade Soap Dermat Proven to Even Out Skin Tone with Kakadu Plum & Rosehip 100g.

To treat:

  • Kakadu plum, rich in Vitamin C, boosts skin brightening
  • Curcumin from turmeric acts as a powerful antioxidant and eliminates free radicals

To prevent recurrence:

  • Rosehip oil exfoliates and brightens skin
  • Witch hazel relieves inflammation and tightens pores 
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