Hair Care Tips For Your Baby's Gentle Hair And Scalp

Hair Care Tips For Your Baby's Gentle Hair And Scalp

Babies hair care, is that a thing? Oh, it definitely is! When adults  can have hair and skin care routines, so can babies. In fact, they need it more!

We tend to give special attention to a baby's diet, health — and even the dresses it wears. But many times, we forget about their hair health. There is no doubt that babies are tender and need much more special care, especially when it comes to hair. 

Since they are extremely young and delicate, keeping a tab on their hair health is important. Babies’ hair can get tangled, or stuck with dirt, or even smelly sometimes.

So, it is important to follow and maintain a proper hair care routine for babies to have clean, healthy hair. This will be a good start for their future hair care too!

And that is why we are here to share some hair care tips that might prove useful for your babies.


  • How can you take care of your baby’s hair?
  • Hair care tips for babies
  • Hairtelligent® recommendations for hair care

How Can We Take Care Of Our Baby’s Hair?

The hair and skin of babies are extremely delicate as a flower. No two babies have the exact hair structure- some may be born with thick hair, some bald or have thin strands, which are mostl;y influenced by genetics.

We can’t change genetics, for sure.  But we can certainly maintain the hair of the baby and let it grow in a healthy manner with a baby hair care routine.

Depending on the amount and texture of your baby’s hair, decide on a good hair and scalp care routine to keep it clean while not making it overdry. 

Newborn hair only needs to be washed a couple times per week. For babies with a coarser hair texture, once-a-week might be enough.

To wash, use a cup or small pitcher to pour water on your baby’s hair until it’s wet. Gently wash his/her  hair with a tear-free, baby shampoo and wash out with warm water.

In case your baby has curly hair that gets tangled easily, opt for a good baby hair product, usually a  conditioner, to detangle your baby’s hair. 

Pro tip: for extra moisture content, you can use virgin coconut oil, and gently brush the baby’s scalp with it.

After the shower, try to dry the hair with a cotton towel. Do not use a hair dryer, as it might be too harsh for the baby. 

If there is any dry flaky patch on your baby’s scalp, make sure to apply virgin oil, once before and after shower, as it might be a sign of cradle cap.

Hair Care Tips: Baby’s Edition

Warm hair bath

Use a gentle shampoo to wash your baby’s hair at least once a week to get rid of any dirt or odour. Washing baby’s hair helps in blood circulation and removes excess heat.

Just like adults, babies need a good hair routine to maintain and grow their hair. This also helps babies, especially newborns, to get used to water running down their scalp and build their immunity.

Baby hair care is incomplete without using a good shampoo. Shampoo does play a vital part for babies to grow their hair, so make sure to buy a mild shampoo that is free of sulphates and parabens, other chemicals that may prove harmful. The reason you need to use a gentle shampoo is because babies have five times thinner hair than adults. Being extra careful, especially with the ingredients that go in these products, is the need of the hour.

Often, parents shield their baby's eyes when washing its hair with shampoo. Be careful when washing your baby’s hair, as shampoo may irritate the babyonce it enters its eyes. This is why a mild, natural shampoo is needed to prevent redness and any irritation. 

Pro tip: to avoid shampoo getting into the eye, tilt the baby gently towards you with its head leaning backwards on your side.

For washing the hair, you can start with slowly watering the scalp. Then take the shampoo to massage the scalp and wait for it to lather. After this, rinse the hair and scalp with warm water only. 

A mild shampoo not only cleans the scalp, but also keeps any sort of irritation at bay. Also, mild shampoos aid in hair growth without damaging the hair with chemicals. This routine can be both comfy and hassle-free.. 

Hair oil

Now, we understand why our mothers and grannies stressed on applying coconut oil for the scalp, especially when we were kids. Coconut oil has numerous benefits and is an important part of a good baby hair care!

Oiling your baby’s hair is crucial for its hair growth. Oil stimulates the senses of the baby that helps in its overall health and development. Nourishing the body and hair with oil aids in overall immunity. Parents, all you have to do is take a generous amount of good quality hair oil and massage it gently on the baby’s scalp. This, with your love and affection, will not only benefit the baby's hair, but also calm its nerves and give a good night’s sleep.  

Always choose a clinically proven oil that is mild for daily use. The best oil to use would be a natural non-sticky and non-greasy one. There are many hair oils available for babies in the market, some of which have avocado, aloe vera and even pro-Vitamin B5 ingredients. These make the baby’s hair soft and smooth!

The general time recommended for oiling the baby’s hair is before bathing, usually in the mornings. Night time may not be suitable to oil the hair, since chances of catching a cold are high. 


Would you believe if I told you even combing has a method to be followed to be effective? Yes, it's true. To minimise the tangling of the baby's hair, combing on a daily basis is a must. 

If the baby’s hair is curly and dense,  we suggest you use a hair comb with big bristles. Gently stroke the baby’s hair with a soft-bristled comb starting from top to bottom. An oil massage before combing the hair, detangles the hair strands and also reduces hair fall. 

The best time to comb the hair is when the hair is wet after a shower. We should also be mindful of the accessories and other styling we do to the baby’s hair to keep hair problems at bay. 

Follow this hair care routine that is basic, yet significant, for the  baby’s hair health. As always, do not forget to check the ingredients list of all haircare products that you buy for the baby, and see that they are free from chemicals.

To help you, here are some natural hair care products from UnbottleCo that have a hairtelligent®approach to solve hair concerns. 

TuCo MadeForKids® Shampoo Proven Safe with Hibiscus Oil, Henna Oil, Soap Nut and Almond Oil 200ml

Hi! I’m Tuco Made For Kids Proven Safe Kids Shampoo. Here are some of the botanical super-actives I have inside me:

  • Hibiscus oil removes excess secretions and maintains scalp PH
  • Almond oil cleanses, strengthens and promotes hair growth
  • Henna oil makes hair soft and shiny
  • Soap nut strengthens hair roots

I gently cleanse tiny baby hair without stripping off its essential oils like regular shampoos. Actually I can’t, because I have no chemicals in me! Did I mention that I’m sulphate-, paraben- and phthalate-free?

TuCo MadeForKids® Body Wash Proven Safe with Tulsi, Sandalwood, Saffron 200ml

Hi! I’m Tuco Made For Kids, Proven Safe Kids Body Wash. Here are the botanical super-actives I have inside me:

  • Tulsi removes impurities and dead skin cells
  • sandalwood gives skin brightening, anti-tan property
  • Kashmiri saffron acts as an anti inflammatory, gives protection against UV
  • Coconut oil gives deep nourishment, antibacterial protection from rashes

While I cleanse those little bodies thoroughly, I don’t make your kids’ skin dry. Actually I can’t, because I have no chemicals in me! Did I mention that I’m sulphate-, paraben- and phthalate-free?

Tuco MadeForKids® Soap Proven Safe with Almond, Protein Milk and Virgin Coconut Oil for Kids Skin 100g 

Hi! I’m Tuco MadeForKids®'s Proven Safe Kids Soap. Here are the botanical super-actives I have inside me.

  • Almond deeply hydrates those little skins 
  • Milk protein relaxes the nervous system and muscles
  • Coconut oil gives deep nourishment, antibacterial protection from rashes

While I cleanse those little bodies thoroughly, I don’t make your kids’ skin dry! Actually I can’t, because I have no chemicals in  me! Did I mention that I’m sulphate-, paraben- and phthalate-free?

A good hair care routine for babies is just as important as its diet! Hair health will tell you the overall health of the body. Keeping a tab on the hair care regimen, as well as giving healthy foods that are rich in protein, can help hasten the process of hair growth for babies. 

Most importantly, treating the baby’s hair with care and love is the secret ingredient to a good, beautiful hair!

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