Age like fine wine with these Amruth foods!

Age like fine wine with these Amruth foods!

How nice would it be if we always stayed young and beautiful !

But reality hits hard. Eventually we all age , our face loses its glow,  and wrinkles and fine lines say hello . It is a  well known fact that aging is inevitable. But what if I said we can slow the process by eating the right foods and taking care of our skin? 

It’s a simple mantra . Follow these steps for an anti-aging diet. 

One, eat the right food + pamper your skin with love 

Two , and most importantly,  embrace your skin with its flaws to see the inner beauty.

Who said aging is not beautiful? We can make it look all natural with just a simple diet routine (pssst, a secret no one needs to know!). They say we are what we eat. And what is better than the foods available from nature? 

So without further ado , let's dive into the right food for mature skin.  


  • Foods that are a big no for anti aging skin
  • A list of foods for youthful skin
  • Sample diet plan 
  • Anti aging skincare products ( recommendation)

First , let’s look at the list of foods that are a BIG NO if you are looking to age like fine wine !

Foods that are a big no: for anti aging skin

Refined carbohydrates

These simple carbohydrates may be an easy option for breakfast, but are really not good for your skin if consumed excessively. 

These include

  • Bread
  • Refined flour
  • Sugar ( you do not want to get there)
  • White rice 

Try consuming these in moderation as they may lead to acne breakouts and make you age faster.

High-glycemic foods

These foods are tasty no doubt, but can increase skin inflammation . So, next time you buy  potato chips, or fries, be mindful of the quantity you consume !

Processed foods

Anything that's tinned or comes in a package or box becomes a dangerous enemy for our skin . So BEWARE! All these foods are highly processed with trans fats — often containing cytokines, which are pro-inflammatory and known for making the skin red and blotchy.. 

Now that we know what not to eat , let's look at what to actually eat ( a diet plan for anti-aging ). Let's start with the easiest one , shall we ? 


A box of nuts a day can keep our skin problems away !

Nuts like almonds and walnuts( the best food for mature skin ) are powerhouses of vitamins and minerals, which are essential for healthy skin . They give that GLOW to our skin while also promoting anti aging. It is the best available plant-based source of food for mature skin!

All you have to do is , eat them raw, or put them in halwa, pulav, pongal — you name it, and they will taste good anyway. Still better , grind these nuts into chutneys and make them as a yummy protein-based side dish!

Moving on, we have…


With so many flavors coming up , yogurt has a fan following around the world! A simple DAHI made at home is good to go. 

Yogurt is the best source of probiotic food that creates good bacteria in our stomach. (not all bacteria are bad you know ) 

As you age, your bone health reduces . Yogurt promotes anti-aging and reduces  wrinkles and fine lines. This is why people apply dahi masks on their faces to remove dullness. 

Dahi or yogurt can be consumed ‘just like that’! Or, if you want, add some masala to make it buttermilk  — or maybe  a sweet lassi for a sweet tongue . 

Next up, 


Beans are one of the few tasty yet super healthy vegetables ( a rare combination I know). They are an excellent source of protein, and the best part, beans have high levels of antioxidants that pave the way to anti-aging of the skin. 

Beans are super economical unlike meat, and thus an easy source of diet for mature skin . Lentils , peas, kidney beans and chickpeas are some popular ones used in Indian kitchens. Next time you feel hungry ,cook yourself some dhal  and sabjis using these beans. Trust me, you will feel full easily.  

Pro tip : Kachoris with stuffed chickpeas are a yummy and healthy snack alternative. 


Worried about wrinkled skin? Papaya should be a must in  your diet. Papayas are known for their rich vitamins and minerals. Plus, they have great antioxidant properties. What they do is rejuvenate our skin by removing dead skin cells.  They also protect the skin from the UV rays of the sun. Do not miss this fruit while in season, for it is one of the best anti-aging foods for the skin. 


Broccoli has gained tremendous popularity among diet-conscious people due to its rich source of vitamins, minerals and potassium . It helps to lower blood pressure and fight dead skin cells . The best part is that they are low in calories and high in fiber . No wonder they are ranked as the fifth favorite vegetable in the world !

Create some tasty recipes like broccoli soups, salads and broccoli stir fry. 


Bananas are one of the most common fruits you can spot in almost every Indian household. Rich in Vitamin A andC, they have high levels of potassium and magnesium too. They promote skin youthfulness and slow the aging process. Next time you see a person aging like fine wine, I can assure you they have eaten more bananas than others!

Banana dishes are easy to make. From cakes to milkshakes, everything's better with bananas isn't it? 

And finally , 


How can we forget water when it comes to the question of healthy skin ? This simple h20 can do magic on the skin in no time. Most of the aging problems we face are due to skin dehydration. To stop this , water is a must in your anti-aging diet. 

A body without water is like a machine without oil , it becomes inefficient.   Add sufficient water to your diet for mature skin, and see how the process speeds up 

Now that we have looked at the various options for creating a diet for mature skin , let’s see a sample diet plan consisting of foods for mature skin.

Reverse Aging Diet Plan  

  • Breakfast: Chapati with egg bhurji / two moong dal chilla 
  • Mid day meal : A bowl of nuts + banana milkshake 
  • Lunch: A plate of rice with dhal and broccoli stirfry / salad along with a cup of yogurt
  • Snack: Papaya fruit salad and green tea
  • Dinner: Appetizer : Broccoli soup
  • Multigrain roti + paneer curry / green beans sabzi

Keep drinking water throughout the day at least a minimum of 3-4 liters to keep yourself hydrated. 

Note : This is just a sample diet plan , you can customize the foods according to your convenience using the anti aging foods listed above. 

Bon appetite!

So , now that we have seen the foods needed to age gracefully like Madhuri Dixit, it is also important to know the skin care routine for mature skin ! 

Why? Because, it is not enough to treat aging skin only by internal foods, you also need to treat them externally . 

Be Intelligent when using skin care products, especially when it comes to aging skin. 

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Embrace your aging as it is a beautiful phase, and also remember to take care of your skin from within ! 

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