4 Points To Know Before Shortlisting Cleanser for Acne

4 Points To Know Before Shortlisting Cleanser for Acne

Acne Cleansers - Nay or Yay?

Sometimes I feel acne has the most stable friendship with our skin, even better than the so-called friends in real life (but not in a good way)! 

Half our money is spent in finding the right skincare product to remove those stubborn acne marks, and mostly in vain. The reason being, they are not treated from the roots. It is easier to cure acne, when we find the main problem and use the right products as part of our regimen.

One such golden grail for acne is a face cleanser. Cleansers literally save the day. They get rid of dirt and other bad stuff while stimulating the anti-aging process for the skin (they increase the collagen production). 

Since there are various types of cleansers in the market, choosing the right one for our acne problems might be a task. 

Acne, breakouts and pimples are one of the most common skin issues faced by people today. Though not easy to cure, with persistent skincare routines and lifestyle changes, it is definitely possible!

Without further ado, we will see all about cleansers for acne and how we can shortlist them. 


  • What is acne, what does it do
  • Reasons for acne
  • How can we treat acne
  • What to look for in an acne cleanser
  • UnbottleCo range of cleansers

Hey, but first let us see what acne is.

Acne: The Troublemaker For Our Skin

Acne is generally a skin condition that results in breakouts and redness on the face. There are various reasons for this, but it is mainly caused due to hormonal imbalance.

The reason for acne marks on our face is because tiny holes called hair follicles on our face get blocked.

In acne, glands produce excess serum, which, when mixed with dead skin cells, block the follicle on the skin. It thus creates a bulge (usually a whitehead) on our skin. 

There are different types of acne such as whiteheads, blackheads, cysts, pimples and nodes. They start appearing in  teenagers and generally vanish with age. But some acne marks stay up to the age of 30. So annoying, right/

Umm, but what causes these?

The Bad Guys Behind Acne

Hormonal imbalance - This is one of the major reasons why people, especially teenagers, start developing acne. This is seen both during puberty and pregnancy.

Diet - Too much of anything is bad. It’s the same with oily and junk food. As much as it tastes good for the tongue, it is extremely bad for the skin. Once in a while is okay, but making it a regular habit can make it a breeding ground for acne and pimples. 

Pollution -  It is bad for our health, and definitely worse for our skin. The air contains germs, dirt, and bacteria that hamper the skin’s health. Ultraviolet rays of the sun are no exception either. They damage our skin severely.

One way to prevent this is by wearing a sunscreen whenever you go out. Also, deep cleanse and exfoliate the skin to remove the foreign particles.


Cortisol hormone is released when we suffer from stress. Stress increases the sugar level in the body and makes our skin dull.  It also causes acne scars, pimples, acne marks, etc.

Regular meditation and stress-relieving activities can prove helpful and prevent further acne production.

How Do We Stop Acne?

There are a variety of super botanical products available to curb acne. While these products are quite easily available, some of them require a doctor’s assistance. These magic products include alpha hydroxy acids, lactic acids, retinoids, salicylic acid, etc.  Just applying simple cleansers will do the job of keeping acne at bay.

Make it a habit to cleanse your face twice a day to see the wonders it does. Choose a product that is fragrance-free and mild to use, so that you can avoid any sort of irritation. 

There are different cleansers for different types of skin, as given below:

Oily skin

This is a skin condition due to excess sebum production. It is difficult to treat since there can be other problems that come with it. Your skin can become greasy and shiny, but sometimes can also have pimples and breakouts.

Dry skin

If you have white flaky patches on your skin, then it is due to a dry skin condition. Also, the severe itchiness we experience can be due to lack of some essential oils that should be replenished with good skincare products.

Combination or normal skin

Combination skin is a mix of dry and oily skin. Some portions of the face are oily while some are dry. Usually the oily areas are around the nose, and forehead (the T zone). The drier areas are around the cheeks and eyes.

Now that you know what skin type you might have, let’s see how we can choose a cleanser for acne.

4 Things to Keep in Mind While Choosing a Cleanser

Look for the ingredients

This applies for any skincare product in general. The ingredients tell us how good or bad the product can be for our skin. Next time while buying an acne cleanser, read the list of ingredients that are present in it.

The product is a big no if it contains harmful chemicals such as sulfates and parabens, which may do more harm to the skin than good. 


It is always better to know how well authenticated the product is, before using it. How would you know if a product is worth buying? Well, it has to be a certified product that has positive reviews and recommendations.

When purchasing a face wash for acne-prone skin, make sure that it is not tested on animals. Ensuring that the cleanser is free from toxic chemicals is a way of filtering the acne cleansers that are available.


When we buy a face cleanser, it should have varied benefits in one bottle, so that we can reduce other products for the skin. Having just one benefit to give for the skin doesn't make a cleanser stand out. Due to our busy schedules, getting hands on a cleanser that meets many skin goals at the same time is a better alternative. Make sure to buy a cleanser that brings you closer to your skincare routine in a short time.


What is more ideal than an affordable product easily available to purchase, plus good quality? Choose a product keeping all these factors in mind apart from its brand name.  This way, it can sustain for a long time and won’t be so expensive. 

After all, it should be convenient for both the skin and your pocket. There are some good products at affordable cost, which do wonders for the skin in a pocket friendly manner. One such product is from the skintelligent® range of UnbottleCo, which has cleansers that are fragrance-free and hypoallergenic.

Acne Clearing Face Cleanser Proven To Fight Acne With Calendula & TeaTree Oil 100 ml

To treat: 

  • Calendula oil has antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties for soothing eczema
  • Tea tree oil is a natural antibacterial which reduces acne causing infection

To prevent recurrence:

  • Glycerin naturally prevents skin from drying out retains moisture
  • Castor oil naturally fights acne and is a natural cleanser

Deep Hydrating Face Cleanser Proven To Fight Dry Skin With Lactic Acid & Alpha Arbutin 100ml

To treat: 

  • Lactic acid is a natural AHA which helps skin elasticity and lightens dark spots
  • Sodium hyaluronate has the magical duality to moisturize skin and reduce inflammation

To prevent recurrence: 

  • Arginine PCA captures skin moisture and keeps it hydrated all day long
  • Alpha-arbutin brightens skin tone and heals skin damage

Age-Defence Face Cleanser Proven To Fight Fine Lines & Wrinkles With Grapeseed Oil & Alpha Arbutin 100ml

To treat: 

  • Alpha-arbutin brightens skin tone and heals skin damage
  • Grapeseed oil helps skin elasticity and flexibility

To prevent recurrence:

  • Green tea reduces free radicals and detoxes skin
  • Saffron evens and brightens skin tone without causing breakouts

‘Acne problems cannot be cured’. This myth has to be broken. With a diligent skin regimen and some lifestyle changes we can definitely overcome acne- and pimple-related problems. 

With a lot of skincare products in the market, we should make sure to select the right one, which is suitable for our skin type. Keep in mind these tips before looking out for the right product. Always patch test your products to see if your skin gets along with it. 

Other than these, have a lot of patience for the transformation of your skin. Skincare magic doesn’t happen overnight! 

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