Sodium Palmate: Uses, Benefits & Side Effects

Sodium Palmate: Uses, Benefits & Side Effects

Sodium Palmate

Sodium palmate sounds like a synthetic compound but it is derived from fatty acids present in palm oil. It is a sodium salt that is synthesised when palm oil reacts with sodium hydroxide. Sodium palmate is a core ingredient that is used as a base in soap-making by saponification. When sodium palmate in soap making is used, it forms the best soaps according to industry standards. It is also used in products like face wash and shampoo.

When it comes to the question is sodium palmate good or bad for the skin, it is good with very few side effects. This article deals with the many benefits and applications as well as side effects and precautions of sodium palmate. 

Sodium palmate uses & benefits

One of the main reasons for using Sodium Palmate for hair and skin care products is to give a good texture to the products. Besides, its benefits on skin and hair are many as discussed below.

Sodium palmate for skin

  • Sodium palmate is found in cleansing products such as soaps and body washes. Sodium palmate for face and body acts as a surfactant in soaps and body washes to remove dirt and oil from the skin.
  • The body washes containing this chemical allow deep-cleaning of your skin which may help the skin to be healthier.

    Sodium palmate for hair

  • Sodium palmate hair care products are essential to protect your hair from dirt and other impurities. You can use it as shampoos for cleansing and smoothening your hair.
  • Shampoo bars are also very popular containing sodium palmate for hair care which helps to moisturise and hydrate your hair. It is also used in organic hair products as it has meagre chances of causing any side effects.
  • You can’t go without a nourishing conditioner nowadays. The compound is used to form a smooth texture of the conditioner. This property of sodium palmate helps to make a protective layer on your hair to prevent damage from heat treatments.
  • Sodium palmate hair serums are used to detangle your hair and prevent it from getting frizzy. 
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    How to apply/use Sodium Palmate

    Sodium palmate with other ingredients in products works to make skin and hair care products simple to use for you. How it works on your skin and hair depends on how you are using these compound-based products. Here are some ways to apply this compound.

    • Shampoos which contain sodium palmate are suitable to use daily. Take a small amount of it and apply it to your wet hair. Rub from root to tips and rinse off to get clean and soft hair.
    • Sodium palmate hair serums can be used like regular serums after washing your hair. Take 3-4 drops and apply to your hair strands to get manageable and non-frizzy hair.
    • Using sodium palmate creams and lotions is also very easy. You can use it twice a day as required to get an effective outcome. Use circular motions to apply the creams on your face.
    • For using sodium palmate-based face primers, wash your face and pat dry. Then, apply any moisturiser and let it absorb into your skin. Next, take a little amount of primer and spread it all over the face gently. After that, you can apply makeup. 

    Side effects of Sodium palmate

    Sodium palmate harmful effects can occur in some instances if not used properly and as per the recommended dosage.

    • The compound works to strip off oil from the skin. Excessive use of sodium palmate-based products, hence, can cause skin dryness.
    • For extremely sensitive skin, you must avoid using sodium palmate-containing products to prevent allergic reactions.
    • If you have acne-prone skin, use it carefully as it has the potential to irritate exposed acne and pimple.

    FAQs on Sodium Palmate

  • Is Sodium Palmate good for skin?
  • Sodium palmate for skin is known to be good and gentle for most skin types. It helps to provide dirt-free, oil-free and pure skin. It is also easy to wash when used as a soap or cleansing face wash. Besides, the chance of facing sodium palmate harmful effects when it is used daily is low. 

  • Is sodium palmate safe?
  • Some critics have mixed reactions about the safety concern while answering is sodium palmate good or bad. Although the formulated chemical substances are non-irritating to most skins if such situations occur, slight irritation on the skin can be easily managed.

  • Is sodium palmate good for hair?
  • One should know what is sodium palmate to understand if it’s good for hair. Sodium palmate acts as an emulsifying and surfactant agent which provides body and texture to your hair. It also helps to protect from impurities. So, using it daily is a good fit for your hair.

  • Is sodium palmate a natural ingredient?
  • Sodium palmate is a kind of sodium salt that is derived from existing fatty acids from palm oil. Later it is synthesised with sodium hydroxide. It can be said that the origin of the compound is natural.

  • How can I make a sodium palmate shampoo bar at home?
  • Sodium palmate in soap is used to make a shampoo bar. First, cut the soap into pieces and place them into a double-boiler. Add cocoa butter to it and melt it over medium heat. Remove from heat and add natural olive oil and essential oils. Combine all ingredients well. Pour into a soap mould. Let it take a shape and pop it out after it completely dries.

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