Kojic Acid: Uses, Benefits & Side Effects

Kojic Acid: Uses, Benefits & Side Effects

Uses of Kojic acid

Kojic acid is an organic ingredient derived from various types of fungi. Japanese people make it by fermenting different foods like rice wine, sake and soya sauce. A wide range of products ranging from kojic acid soap to cream is bought by thousands of customers every month due to the many benefits of this acid. Besides benefiting the skin, you can also enhance your complexion by using kojic acid. Kojic acid serum and cream can be a part of everyone's skincare vanity as it has a lot to offer. 

Scientific name: 5-Hydroxy-2-(hydroxumethyl)-4H-pyran-4-one

Formula (Chemical composition): C6H6O4

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Kojic acid uses & benefits for skin

Kojic acid uses are helping people to get solutions to many skin problems. The noticeable difference is elevating its demand. Below are the benefits of kojic acid that you can witness with its usage.

Kojic acid for skin whitening

  • Kojic acid whitens the skin by acting upon the naturally occurring melanin pigments present in the dermis layers. 
  • The best kojic acid cream for skin whitening blocks tyrosine formation on the skin which on the other hand promotes melanin production. Melanin is the molecule responsible for darkening the skin. The larger the amounts of melanin the darker the skin will be. 
  • A Kojic acid cream can effectively reduce the darkness when used on a daily basis. 
  • Kojic acid soap also does a good job but is recommended to combine it with other kojic acid products to see a visible difference. 
  • You can choose a kojic acid product in combination with other essential micronutrients for lightening your skin tone. Kojic acid and vitamin C cream can yield great outcomes as vitamin C is a good agent for reducing dark spots on the skin. It lightens the blemishes making the skin appear lighter and brighter.
  • Kojic acid cream uses include treating melasma. It is a condition that darkens your skin, especially during pregnancy. It effectively decreases melanin concentration in such conditions as well. 

Kojic acid for face

  • Kojic acid uses include treating several conditions. It heals faces damaged from sunlight and ultraviolet radiation. In nature, kojic acid for skin does not absorb in the deep layer of the dermis. So, kojic acid stays longer on the surface of your face protecting it from sun damage. 
  • Derma co kojic acid cream is popular as an anti-ageing product. It lightens the age spots formed on the face by reacting with sunlight and atmospheric pollutants. It also works on the fine lines and makes you look younger. 
  • One of the best kojic acid uses is that it works efficiently on scars. Be it an old or new scar it reduces discolouration that happens due to scar formation within a few weeks. 
  • The use of kojic acid cream for pigmentation is popular among many skincare brands across the globe. It works on the post-inflammatory pigmentation that surfaces on the face after the appearance of blemishes.
  • Use the best kojic acid cream for hyperpigmentation to reduce this issue. Hyperpigmentation can occur due to several reasons. Some types of hyperpigmentation like freckles and phytophotodermatitis can be effectively decreased if kojic acid is used regularly. 
  • A glycolic acid arbutin kojic acid dipalmitate cream is a good option for an enhanced effect on the face. It fastens the process of depigmentation and makes your face uniform in texture. 
  • Kojic acid benefits the face by providing it with essential antioxidants. These antioxidants scavenge free radicals stuck to the face when out in polluted areas. It counteracts the face and improves its tone. 
  • The antimicrobial property of derma kojic acid cream helps our face to be free from potential threats like fungus, bacteria and viruses. Different microbes are responsible for various face conditions. Derma co kojic acid cream kills such microbes and decreases the chances of face disorders. 

How to apply/use Kojic acid

Kojic acid products belong to multiple categories. So, the application is also different in each case. Below are the ways in which you can use kojic acid face cream and other products for an effective outcome.

Kojic acid cream

  • You can apply kojic acid cream directly to the affected areas. Besides, you can also use it on your entire face. 
  • Use it in very little amounts every day twice. 
  • You can even go for a glycolic acid arbutin kojic acid dipalmitate cream for witnessing a faster result. The application process is the same as that of a cream containing only kojic acid. 
  • For sensitive skin, kojic acid face cream should be used only once a day. 
  • Using a kojic acid and vitamin c cream is ideal twice a day. Make it a part of a daily skincare regime. If you prefer using it once then use it before going out before applying sunscreen lotion or cream. 

Kojic acid face wash

  • Kojic acid face wash should be used twice a day with normal or cold water.
  • For best results incorporate other kojic acid skincare ranges after using kojic acid face wash

Kojic acid soap

  • Kojic acid soaps can be used on both the face and body. Use it once during bathing to brighten your skin tanned due to sunlight. 
  • Use it as a regular soap after damping your face and body to witness kojic acid benefits
  • Rinse it off with warm water after a maximum of 2 minutes of use. 

Kojic acid serum

  • Kojic acid serum in concentrations of 1 to 4%. If you have sensitive skin, stick to the variants having a maximum of 2% kojic acid.
  • It is recommended to use such serums twice daily, especially in the affected areas. 
  • If you are planning to use it before going out in the daytime, top it up with sunscreen. 

Side effects of Kojic acid

Even though the natural acid is a solution to many skin problems, some kojic acid cream side effects are witnessed by a few users. 

  • Kojic acid cream side effects include irritation and rashes but these are rarely seen.
  • Before using it in the recommended dosage opt for a patch test to see how it reacts on your skin. 

Precautions while using Kojic acid

Below are the precautions that can be taken while using kojic acid.

  • Avoid using derma kojic acid cream on areas like undereye, mouth and lips. It may irritate these areas. 
  • Do not use it in amounts more than advised as it can cause dermatitis.  
  • If you have any skin condition, use it only after consulting a dermatologist.

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FAQs on Kojic acid:

Can kojic acid permanently lighten skin?

No, kojic acid cream uses do not have permanent effects on the skin. It temporarily decreases the melanin concentration and lightens the skin for a small time.  

Is kojic acid safe for skin?

Yes, kojic acid for skin is absolutely safe. It is a mild acid that gently works upon the layers of the skin. 

Can kojic acid make you darker?

No, kojic acid does not darken your skin. In fact, it has skin lightening effects. The best kojic acid cream for hyperpigmentation is available widely in the market that diminishes dark spots and brightens up your face and body. 

How does kojic acid lighten skin?

The best kojic acid cream for skin whitening is largely distributed in the skincare stores that lighten your skin tone. It temporarily decreases the production of melanin which makes your skin tone lighter by a few shades. 

Does kojic acid remove tan?

Yes, kojic acid cream for pigmentation also efficiently removes tan. It has healing properties that repair sunburnt and darkened areas. 

Is kojic acid cost-effective to be used daily?

Kojic acid cream price is a little on the high-end side. However, there are variants that can be cost-effective. Kojic acid cream price ranges from Rs.350 per 100 gram to Rs 1200 per 100 gram depending on the brand and the way it is extracted. 

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