How can plastic bottles be recycled?

How can plastic bottles be recycled?

How can plastic bottles be recycled?

Plastic bottles have become a daily part of our life. When we forget to carry a water bottle and buy one from outside, we have a new plastic bottle in our life. When we feel like having a little cold drink, we have a new plastic bottle in our life. We buy shampoo, body wash and so many other personal care products. With each purchase, we have a new plastic bottle in our life. What do we do with so many plastic bottles? Throw them away? But they are not good for the environment! There is a perfect solution, plastic bottle recycling! ‘Reduce, reuse and recycle’ has been the motto for reducing waste and thus, helping the world we live in. And the same motto can be applied to plastic bottle recycling. 

To further answer the question of how to recycle plastic bottles, we have here some creative ideas for you. Read on!

Planters - from being harmful to helping the environment

Plastic bottles can be harmful to the environment. So, the idea to recycle plastic bottles into something amazing that enriches the environment really makes a strong statement. Here’s how to do that! We often buy cute little planters for our work desks, hanging planters for the balcony, planters for the garden and so on. You can make all sorts of planters using plastic bottles. Cut the bottles, paint them, decorate them, put a plant and voila, your planter is ready! Place them on your desk, garden or anywhere else in the home. Or tie the bottle with a rope and hang it on the balcony.

Garden - one step ahead from planters!

Let’s take the previous idea of using plastic bottles in enriching the environment up a notch and make a garden! We are super excited about this because there are so many plastic bottle recycling ideas to make a garden. You can simply cut the bottles, paint them with different colours or in your preferred colour combination and place them all over your garden. You can also create a vertical garden by simply placing the bottle planters vertically on a wall or hanging them using a platform. Here’s another idea! Create a round, square or any other shaped frame. Then, cover the whole frame using bottle planters. Now, you have a beautiful showpiece to keep in the middle of the garden!

Bird feeder - an idea for the birds 

Many of us keep water and food for birds in the garden, balcony or roof. And we often buy bird feeders for this purpose. Instead of buying one, we can make bird feeders using plastic bottles lying around in our homes and save money. Just take a bottle, remove all the labels and clean it properly. The next step is to create a few holes so that the birds can eat the food inside. Create two small holes to make a percher as well. Then, insert a stick through the two holes and use glue to keep them intact. The last step is adding a hook to the top of the bottle to hang it. The bird feeder is ready. Put some food inside and place it wherever you prefer.

Organisers - reduce waste and stay organised

This one is among the most useful creative recycling ideas plastic bottles. And it is quite easy to do as well. All you have to do is cut the bottles in your preferred shape, colour or decorate them and use them to keep things. You can make a pencil organiser for the many colour pencils your little one has. If you have a passion for drawing or painting, you can make a plastic bottle organiser for your paintbrushes too! The list doesn’t end here! You can use these organisers to keep toothbrushes and paste, makeup brushes, keys and other small objects. 

Table - a new touch to the home decor

If you are looking for a unique centre table for your dining room or an ottoman to keep in your bedroom, we have the perfect DIY project for you. For this one of the most creative plastic bottle recycling ideas, you will need many plastic bottles. From a different point of view, you can recycle all the plastic bottles you have in one go! Let’s decide the shape first. You can go as creative as you want but a basic round or square shape will be easier to make and will look good too. Now, using glue or sellotape, attach the bottle in the shape you have decided. Once the bottles are all in place, time to decorate it. A tip here! Use a thick fabric to cover the whole base first and then go for further decoration. The thick fabric will make it sturdier and the bottles won’t get damaged easily.

Bottle Cap decorations - because we must recycle caps too

When we cut all the bottles for the planters and organisers, we didn’t use the bottle caps. In fact, many times, we don’t use bottle caps for DIY objects. This among the creative recycling ideas plastic bottles is to ensure that no bottle cap goes to waste! The question now is, what can you make with bottle caps? You can use colourful bottle caps to make wall art. A bottle cap wind chime will look quite interesting. If you have a plain mirror and want to glam it up, bottle caps can come in handy. Here’s one more! A quirky tabletop. Cover a tabletop with bottle caps and see how it adds whim to a room!

A plastic bottle trash can - it’s a win-win idea

Using waste to create a trash can? It has to be a great idea. Making it will be super easy. Get all the plastic water bottles you have and attach them to make a shape of a bucket. And throw your waste in that. To make it sturdy, use a good amount of glue while attaching them. One thing to keep in mind. Use this trash can to keep dry waste to make it last longer and also because it will not be waterproof. 

Solar bottle bulbs - a must-needed invention indeed! 

A while ago, some people had a remarkable idea to recycle plastic bottles into something amazing. It recycled plastic bottles and gave a new source of light at the same time! Here’s how it was done! In a transparent plastic water bottle, a mix of water and a splash of bleach was placed. The bleach was to prevent any growth of algae. Then, a hole was made in the roof and the bottle was kept there. The sunlight reflected in the water and lightened up the room! Later we got to know that it can work at night too by adding a solar panel on the top of the bottle. The aim behind the idea was to provide light in areas with no electricity. You can try it too to save electricity. Even if this is not something you need, it can be helpful for the environment and a learning process for your kids!

With so many amazing ideas on how to recycle plastic bottles, you can really make a difference. Yes, reducing the use of harmful plastic bottles is the ideal step to help our environment. But recycling and reusing the plastic bottles is also a thoughtful gesture. Happy recycling!
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