Henna: Uses, Benefits & Side Effects

Henna: Uses, Benefits & Side Effects


Henna is one of the oldest herb pastes made by crushing the leaves of a shrub with the same name. The plant is as old as the Egyptian pharaohs. It is said that over 9000 years ago, the eminent queen of Egypt Cleopatra adorned her body with arts made with this paste. Till today henna is used for adorning the hands of many. It is majorly used in India and several other Asian countries. Besides being ornamented, henna powder for hair is highly beneficial. In the old ages, people used homegrown henna to use it in several ways on hair. At present, it continues to be a vital component of many hair products. 

Names in Indian languages: Mehndi

Scientific name: Lawsonia inermis

Chemical composition: Glycosides, phenols, anthraquinones, sugars, xanthones, tannins, white resin, and gallic acid

Henna uses & benefits for hair

When it comes to henna for hair, the powder has a natural concoction of organic matters with beautifying abilities. Primarily, it works on hair in two ways. First, it colour-coats the hair and then, it induces hair growth. 

Henna hair colour

  • Henna mehndi for hair use is widespread throughout the urban and rural areas of the country, especially in the northern parts. 
  • It is a natural hair colour that coats the hair with a brownish-red colour. Henna hair dye can totally camouflage your grey hair. The radiant colour changes your look in totality. 
  • Black henna hair dye is also available in the market that blackens the hair. The blend of this dye is different from the pure form. The black henna hair dye is made with other herbs that have similar properties as that of the henna plants.
  • This colours the hair without any harmful effects. Many people face allergies and boil when they use chemically manufactured hair dyes. This is why people often pose the question, is henna good for hair? The answer is that it not only colours the hair but also benefits the hair texture. 
  • Henna hair color has long-lasting effects. The colour doesn't fade for over two weeks. 
  • Black henna for hair is also a variant that stays on hair for long. Besides, it gives a natural look to the hair. 
  • If you opt for henna hair color, your hair will look shinier and healthy as it promotes hair health by killing free radicles attached to the scalp. 
  • Henna is meagerly priced but is a thousand times better than synthetically produced hair dyes. Even the best henna for hair comes at steeper prices than the chemically produced variants. 

Henna for hair growth

  • Henna for hair growth is an ideal option as it has natural substances that speed up the process. The composition has glycosides and sugars that promote the lengthening of hair. 
  • Besides, if you use the henna for hair along with a few drops of essential oil, it vitalises the hair and improves the rate of hair growth. 
  • Apart from henna for hair growth, henna for strengthening and repairing hair is also beneficial. It coats the hair and saves it from the harsh environmental effects. 
  • Benefits of henna for hair also include regulating the secretion of oil on the scalp that can be an inhibitor of hair growth. It helps you to keep a clean scalp which prevents itchy scalp skin and keeps the pores open. 
  • A henna hair pack can help you keep your hair manageable all day long. It transforms damaged and frizzy hair in the very first use. 
  • You can also incorporate henna mehndi for hair in your regular routine of hair care as it is a good conditioner. It fixes issues related to dandruff which is another factor that promotes hair fall. 
  • The best henna for hair growth contains good natural resources that enhance the action of henna. They make the dye stay on hair for even months. 
  • You can apply henna powder for hair every week to keep your hair strengthened and lustrous without any split ends. 

Recommended dosage of Henna

Henna hair dye and henna for increased hair growth should be used differently to get the necessary results.

Henna hair colour

  • For the best results and vibrant hair colour, use henna by making a paste with henna measuring 2 tablespoons.
  • To this, add a tablespoon of shikakai powder. 
  • Make a paste by adding little water to it. The paste should be of a moderate consistency that is not very thick or very thin. 
  • Keep this paste overnight as it is and apply it the next day. 
  • Apply well from the roots to tips. You can even add a tablespoon of curd or an egg before applying it to enhance its nurturing properties. 
  • Keep the paste on your hair for 45 minutes to an hour and then, wash your hair with lukewarm water. 
  • Black henna for hair, on the other hand, comes in mixtures that can be instantly mixed with water and be ready to use. 

Henna for hair growth

  • To one cup of henna powder add a cup of freshly made green tea. 
  • Make a paste and keep it overnight in the morning add a few drops of lime or lemon juice to it. 
  • Apply this henna paste all over the hair and keep it for half an hour. 
  • You can apply this pack once a month and have conditioned and silky hair. This paste gives you the best henna for hair growth mixture. 
  • At times, people can improperly apply henna to hair and end up with poor results. This eventually leads them to question, is henna good for hair? For best results, you need to keep the paste on your hair for not more than 30 minutes. 

Side effects of Henna

A few disadvantages of henna for hair are listed below.

  • If you keep the henna hair pack for longer than recommended, you may catch a severe cold. The henna paste has cooling properties which do not suit people sensitive to cold. 
  • If you keep it for long, it may dry your hair shaft which might make it vulnerable to dirt and germs.

Precautions while using Henna

A few precautions may help you get better results without facing the disadvantages of henna for hair:

  • When using on hair, carefully apply the mixture as you may stain the exposed parts of the skin. 
  • Be cautious during application because if it comes in contact with your eyes, you may face redness and itching. 

FAQs on Henna:

  • Is henna good for hair?
  • Is henna good for hair is a question we often face. Yes, it has many benefits for hair after only a few uses. It increases hair growth and helps improve the texture of hair. 

  • Which henna is best for hair?
  • The best henna for hair is the one that has zero side effects and enhances hair growth and health. 

  • Is black henna safe for hair?
  • Yes, black henna is safe for use. It has no side effects as chemical dyes have. 

  • How to use indigo powder with henna?
  • Make a paste of the half cup of henna powder and add this to two cups of indigo powder. The paste should be made using warm water. Apply the thick paste to the hair. Keep it for half an hour and then, rinse with warm water. This gives your hair a lustrous brown colour. 

  • What to mix with henna for silky hair?
  • Mix the henna powder with orange juice to make your hair silky and smooth. 

  • How long to keep henna on hair?
  • For colouring your hair, let the paste sit on the hair for about an hour. On the other hand, for hair growth keep it for about 30 minutes and rinse with water.

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