Alpha Arbutin: Uses, Benefits & Side Effects

Alpha Arbutin: Uses, Benefits & Side Effects

Alpha Arbutin

Alpha arbutin is a molecule whose precursor is found naturally in cranberry, bearberry and mulberry plants. The extracts from these fruits are used to chemically synthesise alpha arbutin. Using alpha arbutin for skin is a great option. It is used by many leading brands producing skincare products. The benefits are numerous to the skin. Let us discuss the alpha arbutin benefits, uses and applications in detail.

Scientific name: 4-Hydroxyphenyl-alpha-D-glucopyranoside

Chemical formula: C12H16O7

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Alpha Arbutin uses & benefits for skin

Alpha arbutin in skin care products plays many vital roles. Some of the main alpha arbutin uses and benefits are as described.

    • Alpha arbutin is a water-soluble compound that is highly effective in reducing pigmentation and dark spots on your skin. You can use alpha arbutin serum which is easy to apply all over your skin. It stays on your skin for a long time, providing protection from environmental pollutants.
    • Alpha arbutin serum benefits include its skin lightening capabilities. It does so by ceasing the production of skin darkening pigments melanin. 
    • Alpha arbutin serum benefits the skin without damaging any of the cells of your skin as hydroquinone does. It is free from toxicity and helps to treat your skin naturally.
    • One of the key alpha arbutin uses is to improve skin tone. As the compound does not change the colour of your skin but it helps to make it devoid of hyperpigmentation.
    • Alpha Arbutin for skin is an essential component that prevents melanin production on your skin. Melanin is a pigment that is responsible for deciding our skin tone. The more it is used, the darker the skin can get. 
  • Alpha arbutin benefits increase when it is used as a skin brightening agent in beauty products. It also helps our skin to tackle skin discolouration as a result of the harsh pollutants. Pairing alpha arbutin and vitamin C together can enhance the efficiency of both the ingredients to make your skin brighter and clear. 
    • Alpha arbutin for skin is effective when used in products like moisturisers and lotions. These products help to give you a soft feel with their antioxidant properties that make them more usable and gentle for all skin types. 
    • Alpha arbutin skin benefits include it acting as a sunscreen. It protects your skin from the damaging effects of sunlight. Furthermore, it removes tan efficiently and makes skin brighter. 
    • Alpha arbutin and Niacinamide together work to restore the hydration of the skin and leave you with a more beautiful and plumper skin.

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    How to apply/use Alpha Arbutin

    Unlike many other skin brightening agents, alpha arbutin-based products are gentle and less irritating to your skin. After covering some of the key alpha arbutin skin benefits, it is also important to know how it should be used.

    • For effective results, using alpha arbutin cream is a better option to pick. Take a small amount of cream and make dots all over your face. Message in a circular motion to get the desired outcome. Use it twice a day.
    • Using alpha arbutin and vitamin C-based lotion or moisturiser on a daily basis will help to reduce dark spots. Take a bath and pat dry your skin. Apply alpha arbutin and vitamin C moisturiser in a sufficient amount to cover the body evenly. Repeat the process daily to get the visible effect.
    • Take 2-3 drops of alpha arbutin serum and apply it all over your face before doing makeup. It will help to prevent your skin from being dull and rough.
    • Applying alpha arbutin before and after sun exposure in the form of gels and creams on a daily basis will help to retain the natural glow of your face and skin. Take some quantity of gel and rub it on your palm. Apply gently on your face or body. Do the process regularly.
    • Using alpha arbutin before and after sun exposure in the form of masks and creams is also a good option. These are very effective to remove dead cells and suntan. Apply a mask to your face and wait till it is completely dry. Remove it and wash it with normal water. Finally, apply some moisturiser. 

    Alpha Arbutin Side effects

    Alpha arbutin is a potent ingredient that is safe for the skin. Nonetheless, alpha arbutin side effects may appear in some instances which are mentioned below.

    • Alpha arbutin is an active compound. Using too many active agents together can cause harshness to your skin. 
    • For sensitive skin, using too much product containing alpha arbutin can cause a burning sensation on your face or skin.
    • Using moisturisers just after applying alpha arbutin cream or gel may not work well on your skin. It is a light compound which does not absorb well into the skin if topped over a moisturiser. 
    • Alpha arbutin side effects occur when applied on cracked skin. It is suitable for topical use but when it comes in contact with an exposed wound, it causes unbearable irritation. 

    Precautions while using Alpha Arbutin

    Taking some precautions as given below may increase the benefits and decrease the side effects of alpha arbutin.

    • For sensitive skin, it is important to do a patch test. Apply a little bit of alpha arbutin-based product and leave it for a while. If some kind of irritation or redness occurs, wash it immediately. 
    • Before using alpha arbutin powder or serum, wash your face properly. After applying, let it dry completely and then apply any lotion or moisturiser of your choice.
    • Do not use alpha arbutin powder or any other product on cracked or chapped skin.
    • Alpha arbutin should not be used by coupling more than two active ingredients. It may cause irritation and redness. 
    • Do not use it with niacinamide and ascorbic acid together, it may react with your skin and cause inflammation. 

    FAQs on Alpha Arbutin

  • Does alpha arbutin cause purging?
  • Alpha arbutin cream in India is safe for the skin. The compound does not cause purging.

  • Does alpha arbutin cause pimples?
  • It is rare but in some cases, one with sensitive skin can see mild acne.

  • Can alpha arbutin be used with vitamin C?
  • Alpha arbutin and vitamin C together work as a perfect skin brightening duo that you can use daily to get glowing and naturally beautiful skin.

  • Are alpha arbutin and niacinamide a good combination for skin?
  • Yes, absolutely! Using alpha arbutin and niacinamide together works effectively to make your skin hydrated and plump.

  • How can I buy alpha arbutin cream in India?
  • Alpha arbutin cream in India can be bought on online shopping portals. A great range of alpha arbutin creams is available at an affordable price.

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