Scalp Detox: Here’s Why Your Hair Needs It!

Scalp Detox: Here’s Why Your Hair Needs It!

All of us need a little bit of detox from our usual routine. Our scalp is no exception to this. Sometimes, our hair sends us signs to give extra love to the scalp!

Since our scalp is an integral part of our hair growth, it should be detoxed from time to time. A clean scalp means healthy hair. Usually, it is recommended to do a scalp detox once every four to six weeks (people with hair problems can do this more frequently). 

Just like a detox juice for our body, regular detox can be the solution to many hair-related problems — such as hair fall, dry scalp, itching of hair, and dead skin cells buildup. Detoxing scalp  can truly help to nourish the hair follicles. Result? Happy, healthy hair!

Scroll down to know if your hair needs a scalp detox and how to do it. 


  • What is scalp detox?
  • Signs you might need scalp detox
  • How to detoxify your scalp?

Let us begin with what scalp detox actually means.

What is the Buzz About Scalp Detox?

Scalp detox generally means deep cleansing and massaging of your scalp to get rid of dead skin cells, wash off dirt, unclog pores and product buildup in the hair follicles. This is typically done using an exfoliating scrub or hair oil. 

Scalp detox is especially done if you have dry, itchy hair or want to grow hair naturally without any hindrances. Even if you wash your hair regularly and keep it clean, chances are you will still require scalp detox to penetrate the deeper roots of the hair and scalp, and cleanse it thoroughly.

The frequency of hair detox varies from person to person. It also depends on your lifestyle and the habits you follow for your hair. But the general frequency recommended by experts is once a month or every four to six weeks.

Now, let us see who requires a scalp detox. 

Signs You Need A Scalp Detox

Itchy scalp

This is a common reason why many people opt for hair detox. Itching of the scalp is the first sign of product buildup in our hair. It could also be due to dandruff and related conditions. If you have severe itching, this calls for scalp detox ASAP. Detoxing scalp not only gets rid of the irritation associated with continuous itching, but also saves us from the embarrassment of scratching our head in public. 

Hair fall

You may also need scalp detox if you notice increased hair fall and thinning of hair.  Your hair might be suffering from decreased circulation of the scalp’s blood vessels, causing it to shed. Through regular detoxes, our hair gets the right nutrients to promote hair growth from the roots. Also, the blood flow in our scalp increases, which in turn, boosts hair volume.


Scalp detox is a must if you have dandruff. Dandruff can be uncomfortable as it causes itching and flaking, and falling skin (yes, those white patches on the scalp). This can be due to serious clogging of hair pores on the scalp. But don’t worry, scalp detox is the go-to solution to cure this problem. 

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Oily scalp

Check if you have an oily scalp. This could be a sign for detox time. An oily scalp is a result of imbalance in sebum production. If you feel that no matter what you do, your hair is always oily, then it’s time for detoxing it. 

Pain in the scalp

If you feel any sort of pain or sensitivity when you touch your hair, it’s a good time to go for a scalp detox. Normally, this occurs due to the buildup of dead skin cells in the scalp, but can sometimes be a more serious problem. If the pain persists, then consult a dermatologist.

Finally, let us see how to detox our scalp.

Guide to Detox Your Scalp

Wash your hair

Scalp detox treatment is as simple as rinsing your hair regularly. The key is to use the right hair products that suit your hair. First wash your hair thoroughly with water. Next, massage your scalp with the product. Let it sit for ten minutes. Now, wash your hair with lukewarm water and remove the product, and the dirt and oil that are stuck to your hair.

Use a mild exfoliating shampoo. Massaging boosts the blood circulation and promotes new hair growth. While shampooing, start from the roots and slowly move to the tips.

Pro tip: you can even use a finger-comb for massaging your scalp.

Apply a conditioning mask

A hair mask treatment is the perfect way to level up the game of scalp detox. The mask helps keep your hair nourished and moisturized, especially if you have a dry scalp. First, apply a small portion of the mask, then cover your hair with a warm towel for the nutrients to get easily absorbed. Leave it on for ten minutes, post which you can wash it off with lukewarm water. 

Massage with oil

This age-old trick never goes out of style. You can never go wrong with oiling your hair. Massaging oil onto your scalp gets rid of dead skin cells buildup, dandruff and keeps your hair shiny. If you are suffering from dandruff, go for tree tea oil. Mix it well with a few teaspoons of coconut oil and apply it on your scalp. You can even cover your scalp with a shower cap for the oil to get absorbed faster. 

Steam your scalp

Steaming your scalp is a simple way of scalp detox treatment. You don’t need fancy tools for this. All you need to do is take a towel and dip it in hot water. Squeeze out the water and place the towel in the microwave for two minutes. Put the towel over your shower cap and leave it on for 30 minutes. Steaming opens up pores and unclogs them, thus promoting hair growth. 

Scalp detox treatment also includes using good organic products that suit your hair. Go for hair care products that are generally free from harmful chemicals. Confused on which brand to choose? TheUnbottleCo is the answer you are looking for. Its Intelligent approach has proven to fight hair problems such as hair fall, coarse hair and dandruff. 

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This natural pre-wash contains:

  • Argan oil — removes frizz and softens hair
  • Virgin coconut oil — improves hair texture and smoothens hair 
  • Silk protein — boosts hair strength and moisturizes
  • Pomegranate — heals damaged cuticles
  • Linoleic acid — stimulates hair growth
  • Bamboo extract — soothes the scalp
  • Jojoba oil — boosts hair volume
  • Wheat germ oil — builds collagen
  • Shea butter — reduces dryness and treats scalp damage

Tuco Intelligent Anti-Dandruff Conditioner Proven to Fight Dandruff

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To Treat:

  • Activated charcoal improves scalp health
  • Wheat gram arrests dandruff.

To prevent recurrence:

  • Keratin makes hair stronger
  • Jojoba oil boosts hair volume
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