Ways To Reuse Old Plastic Bottles

Ways To Reuse Old Plastic Bottles

We all have plenty of old plastic bottles lying around in our homes, don’t we? It’s time to gather all those plastic bottles and put them to good use, or shall we say, reuse! The idea of reusing plastic bottles is not just beneficial for the environment. It is also a great way to get many useful things that we need without wasting money. By simply putting in a little effort, we can turn plastic bottles into amazing things. Here comes the bonus! It can be a perfect DIY project for you to show your creativeness or even a fun family activity. If you are interested in the idea and want to know how to reuse plastic bottles, we got you covered!

There are many creative ways to reuse plastic water bottles. Allow us to share some of the best ideas with you. 

Reuse plastic bottles as kitchen containers

We can never have enough kitchen containers! Next time you need more kitchen containers, don’t go running to the online shopping portal or the market. Instead, try this idea of reusing plastic bottles. Remove their levels and wash them properly. Then, use them as containers. If you want to make the bottles more beautiful, you can paint them. But decorating them any further is not so advisable since you will want to wash the containers every once in a while and that can ruin the decorations.

Turn a bottle into a watering can

If you have one of those large plastic detergent bottles or oil containers with a handle, get ready for your new watering can. Because this idea is to reuse plastic bottles for plants. How to turn such a plastic bottle into a watering can? It is super easy! Just make a few tiny holes on the cap, clean the bottle nicely, fill it with water and start watering the plant. By the way, you can paint the bottle to give it a little touch of glam. 

Christmas tree with Recycled Plastic Bottles

Check out our Intelligent Christmas tree made out of Recycled Plastic Bottles!

A water bottle can be a sprinkler for the garden as well!

Another idea to reuse plastic bottles for plants! And this one is easy too. What you will need are a water bottle and a water pipe. Make tiny holes all around the bottle and a slightly bigger one in the middle to insert the pipe. Make sure to tie the pipe using some rope or stick with super glue. Done? Great! Now, insert the pipe in the bigger hole and place the bottle on the grass or in the middle of your garden. The other end of the pipe goes to the water tap. Whenever you need to water the garden, turn on the tap to maximum speed and you will have your brand new sprinkler. The bottle might be old but you are technically using the sprinkler for the first time, so, brand new it is! If you have a huge garden, you can make a few of these and place them all over the garden. 

Make bottle scoopers

A scooper is often the need of the hour. Pardon the humour but a scooper comes in handy while we need to take out some rice, flour and so many other things in the kitchen. Add fertiliser in the garden to the list too! You can buy spoons and scoopers of different sizes for the purpose. But if you have some old plastic bottles, you can save some money! Here are more details! The first step is to cut the bottle, the second step is to wash it and the third step is to start using it. Simple is the word for it! About the cutting part, remove the bottom part and use the upper part with the cap as a handle. 

Use a plastic bottle as an egg yolk separator

You might be a wizard in the kitchen but separating egg yolk is not that easy, especially without getting your hands dirty! But fret not, we have the perfect egg separating device for you. Get an old plastic bottle, clean it and you have your egg separator. No, we are not kidding! Break the egg into a container and remove the cap from the bottle. Now, apply a little pressure on the bottle, put its open mount on the yolk and release the pressure. The egg yolk will be sucked inside the bottle. 

Make zipper bottle case

A DIY project for reusing plastic bottles your kids will love! For this one, you will need two bottles, a zipper and some glue. Cut the two bottles horizontally, keeping your preferred length. You will be using the bottom parts. Then, stick one side of the zipper to the open end of one bottle using glue and let it dry. Once dried, stick the other side of the zipper to the open end of the second bottle. The zip should be opening in the middle, giving you two compartments of bottles. You can cut one large piece from a bottle and a small one from the other. This way, your kids can keep their things in one compartment and use the other like a cap.

DIY piggy banks for the kids

Call the kids and get ready for a fun time with them, making piggy banks with old plastic bottles. How to do it? First, make a cut on the bottle to insert coins. If the cap is big, you can make the cut on the cap. If not, make a vertical cut on the upper side of the bottle. Ask your kids to paint and decorate the bottle the way they want. And their piggy banks are ready. Here’s one more design for the piggy bank. For this one, you will need one plastic bottle and four caps. Remember you cut bottles and used the bottom parts for the zipper bottle case? Use their caps. Place the bottle horizontally, attach the four caps to make legs and then make a (horizontal) cut in the middle of the bottle. Obviously, followed by some exciting decorations by your kids! This will surely be the kids’ favourite among all the plastic bottle reuse ideas. So, you have to try it!

On that note, we end our tale of how to reuse plastic bottles. Try out these ideas and give all those plastic bottles a new look. And help the environment!

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