Tuco Intelligent Quiz. A diverse group of students enthusiastically participating in an India-themed quiz, showcasing their knowledge and competitive spirit.

The Intelligent Quiz!

We believe in active recall.

Active recall is all about flexing your memory muscles, instead of passively mugging information. 

Think of it this way:

You meet someone.

You don't see them for a year after that.

WIll you  remember their name?

But if you interact with them multiple times, it sticks in your memory like super glue.

That's active recall in action.

Presenting the Intelligent Quiz.

1 quiz.

Every week.

1 for 6-9 YO, 1 for 9-12 YO.

Embrace the fun brain boot camp for your kid.

Get a perfect ten and get a FLAT 30% off on Intelligent Products.

Our way of saying, well done!

See you at Harvard, y'all!

6-9 year old quiz!

9-12 year old quiz!




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