Lactic Acid - The AHA moment for your skin!

Lactic Acid - The AHA moment for your skin!

Lactic acid is truly a game changer for skin care. Ever wondered why? Well, simply because it is known for giving a glowing skin that is smooth like butter.

Lactic acid provides innumerable benefits to the skin — right from a spotless skin, to a youthful face, and all other adjectives possible for a beautiful skin.

It is a type of AHA present in many exfoliating products, which is responsible for removing dark circles, pigmentation, and even the top layer of dead skin cells. Isn’t that amazing?

Naturally, it’s understandable why people are obsessed with this ingredient in  their skin care products (it is also suitable for varied skin types). 

Let’s check what lactic acid actually means and how it is beneficial for the skin.


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There is no doubt that lactic acid is an important ingredient in skincare. But did you know it is as significant for diet and fitness? 

Now lets see how lactic acid is important in our day to day lives!

Wait…why would I put lactic acid on my face?

Lactic acid means different things to different people. A fitness trainer might probably use it in connection with strenuous exercise, since it builds your muscles. When it comes to the foods we consume, lactic acid can be found in milk, beet root and sourdough bread. In the beauty world, it forms a part of anti-aging skin products known as AHA (alpha-hydroxy acids) that are useful to curb mature skin by removing dead skin cells in a jiffy.

In skincare language, lactic acid is mainly used for exfoliating the skin. In the process, it removes dead skin cells, dark spots and even cleanses the pores.

Lactic acid is a versatile ingredient present in various skincare products. These include:

  • body scrubs
  • cleansers
  • essences
  • exfoliators
  • facial treatments
  • serums
  • toners

The list of lactic acid benefits is a long one! In this article we will stick to how it is a treasure for the skin.

How does my skin benefit from it?

There’s definitely a reason why lactic acid is referred to as the Holy Grail! When topically applied on the skin, it gives nourishment to the skin, just like food gives nourishment to the body.

Lactic acid is proven to significantly improve skin texture. So be ready to say goodbye to wrinkles, fine lines, hyperpigmentation and all other signs of ageing!

It is also a main ingredient in exfoliating products. The best part is that it is mild in nature towards all skin types (unlike other  AHA’s like glycolic acid). So, fear not, sensitive skin friends. 

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If you are worried about the side effects, they are pretty mild  and last only for a few days, after which the skin will adjust. It is mostly the tingling effects or redness you will observe, which will go away.

However, it is always better to do a patch test for any skin care product to check if it causes any skin allergy. 

The higher the concentration of lactic acid, the more the irritation it can cause for the skin. Make it a habit to first apply the product on your hands to test if your skin is sensitive to it, before going for the face. Always start with a low percentage of concentrated acid and slowly increase.

Pro tip: Try not using other AHA products along with lactic acid, as they may not go well together. If necessary, consult a dermatologist.

Lactic acid can be lucky for your skin. Here's how. 

  • improves skin texture and tone
  • enhances skin appearance 
  • reduces dark spots
  • smoothes fine lines and surface wrinkles
  • unblocks and cleanses pores
  • makes the skin firm and tight 

But how do I use this AHA chemical?

Lactic acid can come in many forms to use in our day-to-day skincare regimen. It can be an ingredient in serums, cleansers, exfoliators, lotions and face creams.

There is no ultimate guide on how to use lactic acid in our skin care routine. You can be flexible and use it according to your preference. 

Lactic acid skincare is usually paired with a sunscreen or SPF cream for sun protection. This is because it can make the skin sensitive to sun damage while replenishing the skin.

It is always recommended to start with a low percentage of lactic acid and let your skin bond with it. You can slowly increase the percentage (patience is the key here :p).

(Most importantly, do a patch test for these products to see if it's friendly to your skin!)

Depending on the product and its type, and purpose in the skincare routine, instructions for use vary. It is thus essential to follow them to get the best results.

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It is safe to say lactic acid is a skin saviour that must be present in any skincare routine to cure to prevent tough skin problems!

The UnbottleCo provides a range of products that are sulphur- and paraben-free and super friendly to the skin. 

PS: they are skintelligent®️ to use!

Deep Hydrating Body Lotion Proven To Fight Dry Skin With Wheat Germ & Almond Oil

To treat:

  • Kojic acid treats skin conditions such as sun damage, scars, and age spots
  • Almond oil preserves skin’s natural moisture.

To prevent recurrence:

  • Wheat germ oil builds collagen
  • Honey corrects skin tone and brightens the skin 

Age-Defence Face Cleanser Proven To Fight Fine Lines & Wrinkles With Grapeseed Oil & Alpha Arbutin

To treat: 

  • Alpha-arbutin brightens skin tone and heals skin damage
  • Grapeseed oil helps skin elasticity and flexibility.

To prevent recurrence:

  • Green tea reduces free radicals and detoxes skin
  • Saffron evens and brightens skin tone without causing breakouts.

Deep Hydration Serum For Dry Skin With Licorice Root & Turmeric

To treat: 

  • Lactic Acid helps your skin to stay elastic, smooth and more flexible
  • Sodium hyaluronate has the magical duality to moisturise skin and reduce inflammation

To prevent recurrence:

  • Squalene reduces the appearance of fine lines
  • Turmeric acts as a powerful antioxidant to eliminate free radicals.
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