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Skincare for boys : Lotion 100g + Shower Gel 100g + Sunscreen 50g - Special Offer!

Skincare for boys : Lotion 100g + Shower Gel 100g + Sunscreen 50g - Special Offer!

Lotion 100g + Shower Gel 100g + Sunscreen 50g

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  • Lotion 100 ml - It moisturises & helps soothe inflamed kids’ skin. For both boys and girls between 3 - 15 years. 
  • Shower Gel 100ml - It helps de-tan and soothe inflamed kids’ skin after a day in school or playground. For both boys and girls between 3 - 15 years, it’s perfect for dry skin.
  • Saffron Sunscreen - a mild saffron face cream sprinkled with real saffron flakes with a built in 100% natural sunscreen with SPF 30. Protects kids from the harsh sun while moisturising and evening skin tone. For both boys and girls between 3 - 15 years.

INGREDIENTS YOU CAN RECOGNISE: Shower gel : tulsi, saffron & sandalwood. Lotion: virgin olive & lily oil, the range is formulated with nature’s super-botanicals, not chemical actives. Sunscreen: Saffron flakes, Licorice Root, Squalene, Natural UV filter

PERFECT FOR INDEPENDENT BATHING: Perfectly sized with a convenient fliptop for tiny hands. Packaged in 100% recycled plastic bottles. A better planet for our kids

SLS, PARABEN, PHTHALATE FREE, VEGAN, PETA CERTIFIED:  Intelligent Skincare doesn't take shortcuts. It's a vegan, sulphate paraben, phthalate free & PETA certified cruelty-free. We’ve never, nor will ever, animal test or allow products to be tested on animals.

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our kid-monials

our dream is a plastic-free world for our kids.

Our bottles are made from 100% ocean reclaimed plastic. Every bottle you buy, you remove one from the ocean.

here's why we came together.

  1. We’re fond of the Earth.
  2. We LOVE our hair & skin.
  3. We LOVE grandmas and their recipes.
  4. We’re fans of the oceans.
  5. Fish and tortoises wrapped in plastic seems wrong.
  6. We love kids. Some of us have them.
  7. Micro-plastics is a no no
  8. We like green. Not greenwashing.
  9. We love plastic if it's made from other plastic.
  10. We like lists.