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Smarty Hands - Handwash 300ml

Smarty Hands - Handwash 300ml

Grapeseed Oil | Witch Hazel | Rosehip Oil

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NOT JUST A HANDWASH, ITS A SMART HANDWASH! - Gentle handwash for kids that cleanses and moisturizes for soft, happy hands. For both boys and girls between 3 - 15 years.

INGREDIENTS YOU CAN RECOGNISE: Grapeseed Oil and Green Tea help in gently cleansing, Rosehip Oil and Witch Hazel help  in moisturizing and nourishing. 

PERFECT FOR INDEPENDENT BATHING: Perfectly sized with a convenient dispenser for tiny hands. Packaged in 100% recycled plastic bottles. A better planet for our kids 🙂

SLS, PARABEN, PHTHALATE FREE, VEGAN, PETA CERTIFIED:  Intelligent Skincare doesn't take shortcuts. It's a vegan, sulphate paraben, phthalate free & PETA certified cruelty-free. We’ve never, nor will ever, animal test or allow products to be tested on animals.

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Customer Reviews

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a super product

Highly recommend this handwash for any parent looking for a safe and effective option for their kids.


This handwash is a game-changer for our family.


I've noticed a significant improvement in my kids' skin since switching to this handwash. It's gentle enough for daily use and leaves their hands feeling soft and moisturized.


As a mom, I'm always conscious of what products I use on my kids' skin. That's why I love this handwash—it's made of natural ingredients and works great at keeping their hands clean.


We've tried several different kids' handwashes, but this one is by far our favorite. It smells amazing and doesn't irritate my kids' sensitive skin.

trusted by 20,000 moms and kids. In just 3 months.

saffron. turmeric. pomegranate. olive. coconut. almonds. ginger. mint. pea protein. safflower. witch hazel. neem oil. macadamia. wild rose.

we've replaced chemicals with our traditional superheroes for proven efficacy in treating kiddy and teen skin concerns.

Free shipping. COD. 7 days no questions asked return

a plastic-free world for our kids - that's the dream.

here's why we came together.

  1. We’re fond of the Earth.
  2. We LOVE our hair & skin.
  3. We LOVE grandmas and their recipes.
  4. We’re fans of the oceans.
  5. Fish and tortoises wrapped in plastic seems wrong.
  6. We love kids. Some of us have them.
  7. Micro-plastics is a no no
  8. We like green. Not greenwashing.
  9. We love plastic if it's made from other plastic.
  10. We like lists.


What is Bye Dry Skin Facewash?

Bye, Dry Skin Facewash is a specialized skincare product designed to gently moisturise and remove dry spots, giving your skin a brighter and more radiant look.

Who is the Bye Dry Skin Facewash suitable for?

The facewash is specially formulated for kids aged between 3 to 15 years, catering to both boys and girls with mild, nourishing ingredients suitable for delicate skin.

What are the key ingredients in the facewash?

The facewash contains Olive Oil and Shea Butter to nourish and moisturize the skin, Coconut Oil to support the skin barrier, and Almond Oil, a humectant that aids in rehydrating the skin.

Is this product suitable for sensitive or eczema-prone skin?

Yes, the gentle formulation aims to assist in moisturizing dry spots and can aid in managing eczema. However, individual skin reactions may vary, so it's advisable to perform a patch test before full application.

Is the packaging eco-friendly?

Absolutely! The facewash comes in 100% recycled plastic bottles, aligned with our commitment to a more sustainable planet for our children.

What certifications does this product hold?

Our facewash is SLS, paraben, phthalate-free, and PETA-certified cruelty-free and vegan. We're dedicated to ethical practices and never test on animals.

How often should the facewash be used?

It's recommended for daily use as a part of regular skincare routine for kids. Adjust usage according to individual needs and skin sensitivities.

Can adults use this product too?

While specifically formulated for kids, the gentle nature of the facewash can also be suitable for adults with sensitive skin. However, it's always a good idea to perform a patch test before regular use.

Product Legal Details

Product Details:
Product type: Face wash
Net quantity: 1 unit of 100ml Facewash
Shelf life: 24 months from the date of manufacturing
Product dimensions (in cm): 4.5 x 4.5 x 13
Country of origin: India
SKU code: 8906131442752
Batch number: OV-144
MRP(incl of all taxes): Rs 289
Manufactured by: Organovedics, 6/587, Puthur Rd, Koppam, Palakkad, Kerala 678001, LIC no: 03/32/13

What are the key ingredients in the facewash?

The facewash contains Olive Oil and Shea Butter to nourish and moisturize the skin, Coconut Oil to support the skin barrier, and Almond Oil, a humectant that aids in rehydrating the skin.