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trusted by 10,000 moms. in just 3 months.

Our grandmom-approved super botanicals have all joined forces in one easy-to-use bottle. We've gone the extra mile by using 100% recycled plastic bottles. Embrace the power of nature, while conquering the daily adventures of motherhood!

delicate skin, did you say? but they STILL manage to get more scraped and sunburned than us!

That's why we've taken nature's superheroes - kashmiri saffron, sandalwood, lily oil, virgin coconut oil, cedarwood oil and strawberry oil. Gentle on kids, TOUGH on skin concerns. Your secret weapon for those mom-life triumphs.

their hair. soft as silk, yet they sweat like little marathoners! Not to mention unwanted guests like dandruff!

With a superhero team of henna oil, hibiscus, soap nut, mint, and ginger, our haircare range brings natural yet effective solutions for your kiddo's hair.

Because as moms, we're just not raising kids. We're raising the bar, everyday.

Introducing our 100% handmade super-soap bars: the ultimate superpowers for kiddie concerns. Choose yours and join the 'I'm a supermom with super-bars' club. (yes, we invented that one)

It's on us.

Free Shipping. Cash on Delivery. And a no-questions asked return policy for 7 days.

ok. this is daylight robbery, alright?

but since we know you just had that happy paycheck, here's 35% on orders above Rs. 499!

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our mashups :P

......PROVEN.....we'd never kid about that. (pun not intended)

we've been certified by the foremost labs as PROVEN to fight all the concerns we listed above. We're also FDA and EU approved, PETA certified and Ministry of Ayush certified.

read our certifications

not 7%. not 98.5%

but a 100% recycled plastic. Every bottle you buy, you remove one from the ocean.

Awesome skincare for our kiddies, a green planet for us. We’re selfish like that.

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