How to recycle and reuse plastic bottle at home

How to recycle and reuse plastic bottle at home

How many plastic bottles do you own? Before asking why this question is being asked, here's something you should know. Plastics leave a negative impact that lasts for ages, thanks to their toxic nature. Yet, nothing stops us from buying that new plastic bottle. Avoiding plastics completely takes time and a global approach. We get that. But here's something you can do to bring about a change ー recycle and reuse plastic bottles at home. We will give you a bunch of ideas to turn this toxic enemy into a helping friend. Read to know more about how to upcycle old plastic bottles at home.

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  • Make a plastic pouch
  • Water sprinkler with a soda bottle
  • Plant Holder for your table
  • Watering can with laundry detergent bottles
  • Turn Plastic bottles into beautiful bottle garden
  • A no-cost piggy bank 
  • Bird feeders with reused plastic
  • Kitchen containers
  • Clean Skincare. Happy Earth.

Make a plastic pouch

For making an effective plastic pouch all you need are two plastic bottles, glue, a zipper, and scissors. Cut the neck of both plastic bottles. Take the bottom section of one bottle and glue the zipper to it. Once dried, glue the other side of the zipper to the bottom section of the next bottle. Your recycled plastic bottle is now a  pouch, all ready to take your supplies. 

Water sprinkler with a soda bottle

Here's an inexpensive way to water your lawn. Take a two-liter soda bottle and drill some holes in it. Attach the opening of the bottle to the garden hose using electric tape. Connect the other end of the hose to a tap and see how it waters your lawn (that too, free of cost!). Hurry! Now it’s your turn to recycle and reuse that old plastic soda bottle as a water sprinkler.

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Plant holder for your table

Cut the plastic bottle in half and use the bottom portion as a planter. It’s as simple as that. If you want to go creative, paint it with acrylic paint, and add some googly eyes or beads. Try it out and add some greenery to your table with this easy-to-make plant holder. Is there a simpler and better way to recycle and reuse plastic bottles?

Watering can with laundry detergent bottles

Wait! Don’t throw out that finished bottle of laundry detergent. Take the lid and poke many small holes in it. Now all you have to do, is fill that bottle with water, close the lid and tilt it. Doesn't that work exactly like a watering can?

Turn plastic bottles into a beautiful bottle garden

Here’s another way to reuse plastic bottles. Take a plastic bottle and keep it horizontal. Cut out the upper section and make an opening to fill in the soil. Drill two holes on each side of the opening and make sure both holes are in line. Now tie a thread and adjust its length as per your needs. Your beautiful bottle garden is all ready to rock.

A no-cost piggy bank 

Take a plastic bottle and keep it horizontal. Cut a slot at the top for coins. Paint it with acrylic paint. To make it more interesting, cut out eyes, ears, nostrils, and tail and add them using double-sided tape. Gift this cute little piggy bank and surprise your little ones. And yes, you will also show them a sustainable way of reusing old plastic bottles.

Bird feeders with reused plastic

Pierce two holes in a plastic bottle to insert one perch. Just above the perch, make a small cut so that the bird can sit on the perch and eat those seeds. Similarly, make one more perch and feeding hole. Now it's time to fill the bottle with bird seeds. Don't forget to put small holes at the bottom for the water to drain out. Pierce two holes at the neck of the bottle and tie a thread. Hang it on a tree and watch your little winged friends feed on it.

Kitchen containers

For this, you need two plastic bottles ー a bigger one and a smaller one. The bigger one acts as the container while the smaller one acts as the lid. Cut the neck of the bigger bottle. Now it's time to make the lid. For this, cut the smaller bottle into half. Try using it as the lid or cover. If it doesn't fit, go for a smaller or bigger size to make it airtight. 

Clean skincare. Happy earth.

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