Dasapushpam: Uses, Benefits & Side Effects

Dasapushpam: Uses, Benefits & Side Effects


Dasapushpam oil is a cocktail of ten flower and herb oils that originated in Kerala. The sacred oil blend contains oils extracted from flowers like lilac tassel flower, slender dwarf morning glory, regular morning glory, Indian doab, golden eye grass, mountain knotgrass and four other beneficial flowers. All these oils have medicinal values and that makes the dasapushpam oil a powerhouse of natural goodness. This oil has been used in most of the regions of Kerala since times immemorial. Moreover, all the dasapushpam oil benefits are validated scientifically. Hence, it is trusted and used by thousands of people. For the immense uses of this oil on skin and hair, it is exported across the globe every year in large amounts. 

Names in Indian languages: Dasapushpam is a name of Indian origin. It literally translates to ten flowers. 

Scientific name: As it is a blend of multiple flowers it has no scientific name.

Dasapushpam oil uses & benefits

Dasapushpam oil benefits infants and pregnant women profusely. It has components that are ideal for use for babies and gestating women. The oil also benefits hair at different levels which will be discussed below.

Dasapushpam oil for skin (for babies)

  • Dasapushpam oil uses for babies are many. Babies have very tender and delicate skin. The oil has potent herbs that soothe the skin of babies and retain its elasticity. 
  • Besides, it increases skin immunity by helping the good bacteria sustain on the skin and inhibit the growth of harmful microbes. 
  • It makes the skin of babies glowy and smooth without clogging the pores as it is not greasy in nature. 
  • Babies often suffer from skin rashes which result in spots and scars. These scars are lightened by the continuous use of dasapushpam oil. 
  • Diaper rashes can also be fixed by using this oil over the affected areas. 

Dasapushpam oil for skin (for pregnant women)

  • During pregnancy and in the postpartum period, women face numerous skin problems that are difficult to get rid of. The oil of dasapushpam deals with many such issues and keeps the skin fresh looking and radiant. 
  • It treats hormonal rashes well as the oil is thin in consistency besides having antimicrobial agents. 
  • Pigmentation is a major issue for gestating mothers. The oil acts as a moisturiser and restricts pigmentation. 
  • It also has the capacity to prevent and reduce stretch marks that form during pregnancy. For best results use it from the initial period of pregnancy. This decreases the chance of stretch mark formation. 
  • The oil also optimises the natural oil section on the skin. This helps to keep the layers of the skin supple. 
  • Besides, it removes dead skin cells from the skin surface, enabling good absorption of nutrients. 

Dasapushpam oil for hair

  • The scalp is vulnerable to atmospheric contaminants. It can cause skin diseases that are complicated in nature. Dasapushpam hair oil is a potent inhibitor of microbial growth on hair and scalp. 
  • It immunises the scalp by inducing natural oil secretion which makes it difficult for the germs to survive. 
  • Dasapushpam oil for hair also encourages hair growth as it has multiple nutrients suitable for hair lengthening. 
  • The oil works efficiently on all types of hair. It keeps the scalp well moisturised enabling hair to be frizz-free. 
  • It also ceases premature greying of hair when incorporated into the haircare routine at least twice a week. 
  • During pregnancy, many hair problems emanate. Out of them, hair fall and breakage are most common. The dasapushpam hair oil solves this issue by strengthening hair and the follicles.

Dasapushpam Oil Recommended dosage

The use of dasapushpam oil varies in adults and babies. Besides, the dosage for body and hair also differs.

Dasapushpam oil for skin (for babies)

  • Take around one tablespoon of the oil on your hand and rub it well to warm it up.
  • Then, gently massage the oil all over the baby’s body. Use it on the scalp as well. Leave the oil for around 5 minutes. 
  • Next, use lukewarm water to bathe the baby. This oil can be applied daily to babies before bath. 

Dasapushpam oil for skin (for pregnant women)

  • When your baby bump starts showing, start applying this oil at that time. 
  • Take a spoon full of this oil and warm it up by rubbing it in your palms. If necessary you can warm it up using heat. 
  • Then massage it on for a good five minutes and leave it on the skin. 
  • If necessary, have a bath after applying this oil. 

Dasapushpam oil for hair 

  • Use a teaspoon of the oil of dasapushpam and massage the oil from the scalp to the tip of your hair
  • Make sure that the oil is evenly massaged throughout your hair and scalp. 
  • Let the oil get absorbed in your hair for 30 to 45 minutes. 
  • Then shampoo your hair with lukewarm water. 

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Dasapushpam Oil Side effects 

The oil does not have many side effects but you should use it in the right dosages to avoid the following problems.

  • Do not use it daily on oily scalp. You might witness dandruff when used daily. Besides, the hair follicles may get blocked and weaken your hair leading to hair fall
  • Although there are many dasapushpam oil uses, sometimes people face rashes after using it too frequently. So, it is important to use the oil as the dosages recommended. 

Precautions while use Dasapushpam Oil

Some precautions should be taken to avoid problems associated with dasapushpam oil.

  • Do not use this oil at night as it is a coolant. You might catch a cold by using it at night time.
  • Dasapushpam oil for hair should be used after doing a patch test to avoid irritation on the scalp and skin. 

FAQs on Dasapushpam Oil:

  • Is dasapushpam oil used as hair oil for daily use?
  • Yes, you can use dasapushpam oil on a daily basis unless you have a very oily scalp. In that case, use the oil 2 to 3 days a week. 

  • Can I use dasapushpam oil on my dry scalp?
  • Yes, dasapushpam oil benefits a dry scalp immensely. You can observe your scalp having a rejuvenating effect by the first use itself. 

  • Is the dasapushpam oil good for old stretch marks?
  • Dasapushpam oil does yield a positive result when you use it on old stretch marks. However, it may not bring about a major difference. It acts better on new stretch marks. 

  •  Can I use dasapushpam oil for my baby’s massage daily?
  • Yes, opting for a massage with oil of dasapushpam helps a baby’s skin amply. When you maintain such a routine, your baby has fewer skin-related issues like allergies and rashes. It has anti-bacterial properties that inhibit any microbial population growing on the skin. 

  • How frequently can I use dasapushpam oil for hair?
  • Dasapushpam oil for hair can be used daily on dry scalp. But if you have dandruff or a very oily scalp, avoid using it more than thrice a week. 

  • What is the base oil of dasapushpam oil formulation?
  • The oil of dasapushpam has coconut oil as its base. That is because many of its compositions are essential oils which cannot be used solely on the skin or scalp. It might have toxic effects on use if we use the pure forms of such oils.


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